Thursday, January 6, 2011

# 7 -- I HATE vegetables

Are You Ready to Make a Significant Change in your Health and Vitality?

Vegetables and fruits are the quickest way to obtain health. A little meat won’t kill you, though it’s better approached as a side dish than as a main. If you adhere to the previous two sentences -- it will change your destiny. Eating more vegetables is just good, healthy advice, so why not?

This book is to help you get 5 vegetables and 4 fruits into your diet daily, the majority by breakfast. Using this information we want to stop the effects of the S.A.D. American diet. I want to introduce you to my incredible recipes that are flavorful, easy to implement and fast to prepare.

The beauty of whole food Liquid Light Smoothies is that you don't taste the vegetables. Does 3 to 5 cups of vegetables seams like a huge amount of veggies? It's the recommended daily amount. These smoothie recipes can easily hide two or three cups of green stuff, without you even knowing it's there. Cabbage juiced is sweet and doesn't taste anything like the cabbage made into a salad. Not one person sampling these recipes has been able to tell when I have added it or zucchini. Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard and Romain Lettuce are so thin to begin with that when you whizz them into a blender shake they disappear into to oblivion Strawberries, apples, oranges, bananas and mangos covers the veggie taste completely. Why torment yourself with 5 cups of cooked brussel sprouts or okra. Have a smoothie, its simple, painless, low in cholesterol and carbohydrates and all the quantities of good stuff from the vegetables is concentrated into a small cup size amount.


Are you wanting to start a healthy weight loss program?

Do you desire a powerhouse of unending energy - your sleeping too much.

Need to lower your estrogen intake by 26 – 63% thus helping with breast cancer

Gotta cut out you intake of high fructose corn syrup -- lowers your triglyercides

Desire to decreases animal product intake and lowers cholesterol

Got immflammatory pain? looking for less pain

Require more super antioxidants -- to build your immune system

Hoping to controls free radical damage with Chlorophyll - keep you young looking

Must Detoxify - keeps the dark circles away from you eyes

Want enzymes to help your body efficiently function -less allergy symptoms

Need high fiber food to stabilizes blood sugar by slowing down absorption

Looking to supports a healthy lower bowel -- less constipation

Desire to increase omega-3's for your short term memory

Cutting out omega-6's -- and the chance of a heart attack in third

Wish to learn about low glycemic nuts and fiber to decrease insulin release

Must avoid wheat, and corn for gluten intolerance and weight loss

Should stops processed junk food snacking


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  1. After one week of just experimenting with smoothies, I found that my desire for fast food was nearly gone. The kids wanted McD's and when i went to order I couldn't face the thought of eating a meal from there. (In all honesty, I did go get a burrito from another place, but only because I was away from home, HUNGRY and it seemed less-yucky!) I love that I have actually craved healthy stuff this week!