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# 3 Are You An O?

Most American's are O blood types. An O woman carries her weight on her hips and looks like a pear. An O man looks like an apple, many would call it a beer belly.
One of the most important steps for effective weight management is to choose foods that were designed for your specific genetics and unique biochemistry. I have found that Nutritional Typing (NT) is a very effective strategy to achieve this. It will normalize your weight based on your personal metabolism and genetic makeup, among other factors.

O people are the meat eaters of the world. Thank goodness we can have tons of meat, cuz we love it. We thrive on exercise and protein. The body metabolizes protein and fats into ketones which are used in place of sugar in an attempt to keep glucose levels steady. The only way an O type can be lean is calorie deprivation, constant physical activity and using these ketones instead of glucose.

If you gain one thing from this lesson it would be:

Wheat is the main reason you have a wight problem. The gluten's interferes with metabolism leaving you sluggish and ready for a nap. Wheat causes you to store anything eaten with it.

For some O's ther is an exception. This will give you something to eat for lunch it is Ezekiel bread. You will find it in the freezer section of the store. The sprouted seed bread are assimilable to O’s because the lectin (principally found in the seed coats) are destroyed by the sprouting process. Ezekiel is a live food with many beneficial enzymes intact. There is a Ezekiel taco too. There are no grains or pastas that are classified as good for O’s (this sucks I know because I am an O also) Avoid bagels, muffins, crackers, cake, cookies, noodles or pasta of any kind.
This does not work for all O's but in moderation it might work for you.

But if you eat plenty of protein that is saturated with estrogen, and steroids to make the cows fat – you will also be fat. So Grain fed open range cattle is best.

When you eat carbs your metabolism does just the opposite of ketosis. The lectins inhibit your insulin metabolism and interfere with the efficient use of calories for energy. Eating gluten is like putting the wrong kind of octane in your car. It clogs the engine. The lentils and kidney beans contain lectins that deposit in your muscle tissue makes them sluggish and sleepy.

O blood types all have weak thyroids and may have to deal with hypothyroidism. O types have insufficient levels of iodine. This all leads to weight gain, fluid retention, muscle loss and fatigue.

Another foods that imparse calorie utilization are kidney, ,black, lentils and navy beans are to be avoided. These will cause spikes in blood sugars and wieight gain. Beans inhibit other very important nutrients. They also tend to make muscle tissue acidic and O people perform better when they are alkaline. Pento beans and black eyes peas are encouraged. All other beans and lentils are to be avoided.

Cabbage impairs insulin from working.

Cauliflower Impairs insulin from working (so eat broccoli)



Kelp contains iodine and increases thyroid hormone production. Add it to your smoothies.

Salmon contains iodine and increases you thyroids ability to work

Iodized salt increases thyroid production

Farm raised meat aids efficient metabolism

Broccoli and spinach aid in efficient metabolism

The more stressful your job is the more demanding your exercise programs should be

Avoid Bacon, Ham, hot dogs, goose and pork the nitrates cause cancer. These products are off limits for everybody. Nitrates are just nasty.

O's need to restrict their dairy. Many are lactose intolerant so the only dairy for them would be goat,or kefir. The bacteria in Kefir eats up all the lactose making it acceptable for you. The only good cheese for you is: butter, farmer’s cheese, feta, goat, mozzarella. All the rest of the cheese like Colby, blue cheese , cottage cheese and cream cheese along with milk are to be limited.

Oil is an important part of O’s elimination routine. It keeps the pipes open. Olive oil, coconut, and flax seed oil are all important to your heart, and arteries. It well help your skin remain young. The oils also will reduce your cholesterol. Avoid corn, canola, peanut, safflower and cottonseed oil.

Nuts and corn are very high in Omega 6 oil which is not good for you. Avoid Brazil, cashew, peanuts, peanut butter pistachios and poppy seeds
You should certainly avoid them if you are trying to loose weight.

The Omega 3 ‘s are very important to you , so eat a lot of pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts. Help with memory and thinking is high on my list.

Rice is neutral thank goodness.

In O folks nightshade vegetables such as eggplant, potatoes, and cause arthritics pain in the joints. All corn products should be avoided because it decreases production of insulin leading to diabetes and obesity.

My favorite is tomatoes. I love garden fresh warm juicy tomatoes They are a nightshade , but God had mercy on us and made them turn to a neutral in our systems –so we can have all we want. Vegetables to avoid are cabbage, cauliflower, corn, eggplant mushroom, olives potatoes, and Brussels sprouts, and alfalfa sprouts.

Fruit’s for the O.
Plums, prunes and figs are great for you because of the dark reds which tends to make you alkaline. Most O’s run in the acidic area, these fruits help with balance. The type O tummy needs to control his acidic acids to reduce ulcers and irritations of the stomach lining. Melons have a high mold count which most O’s are sensitive to. Oranges tangerines and strawberries should be avoided because of their acidic nature. Black berries are a big No. Many O’s are allergic to coconut, so eat this in moderation. Rhubarb is another no because so many O’s have problem with kidney stones. Now there were a lot of No-No in this paragraph. Test for yourself. See how your react. When you eat these keep in mind how you feel for the next 5 days. Do you have more joint pain than normal? If not eat with moderation.

Black Cherry, Pineapple and Prune are beneficial juices have all you want.
Cherry juice in any form helps with gout and finger pain. Take you cherry juice and
avoid your Allopuinal or Zyloprim.

Kelp is a great thing for O’s Kelp it's high in iodine which we need desperately. It also prevents an ulcer causing bacteria from adhering to the intestinal wall. It is also a metabolic regulator for us in trying to keep the weight off.

Great spices are carob, curry, kelp, parsley, cayenne pepper and turmeric. Avoid cinnamon, cornstarch, corn syrup, nutmeg, black pepper, white pepper, vanilla, apple cider vinegar, and any vinegar. All pickled foods are indigestible for Type O. They severely irritate the O stomach lining. So go slow on the pickled food.

Coffee increases stomach acid leading to ulcers and other problems.

Lectins tend to stick in and lodge in the kidneys. Over time the filtration system ceases to function. Then more and more sticky and less and less blood is able
to get clean. Kidney stones accumulate and there is pain. Avoid all lectin and avoid painful trips to the ER. 10 large glasses of water everyday are REQUIRED not encouraged.

Lectins also effect the brain and pass right over the blood brain barrier.
These sticky cells gradually interfere with the neuron activity. Reducing and eliminating the harmful lectins is going to help maintain kidney and brain health.

The third way O’s lectins cause problems is in malnutrition. Poor
eating can cause malnourishment in older people. The lectins overwhelm the system and interfere with hormonal activity so that the older person can not absorb nutrients as effectively as when he was young. Switching diet can reverse the effects of malnourishment.

O’s are not lactose allergic.
You were not born with the enzyme to break it down. You
don’t get sick when you drink milk you just have an good immune system
response. It may be rashes, swelling, cramps, headaches – these are
symptoms that your body is struggling to rid itself of a toxin. The main
point is you have more to fear from the hidden lectins entering your system than you do form food allergies. O’s should be aware that if they produce excessive mucus it may appear to be an allergic reaction -- But it's not.
As an O, YOU should be avoiding mucus producing foods like milk.

O’s are the allergy sweepstakes winners. Many food lectins especially wheat interact with IgE (immunoglobin E) antibodies found in the O’s blood. These antibodies stimulate white blood cells called basophiles to release not only histamines, but other powerful chemical allergens called kinins. These can cause severe allergic reactions and swelling in the tissue of the throat,head and lungs. If you eliminate wheat many of these symptoms stop.

O ‘s are the dominant sufferers of the autoimmune disorder arthritis. The lectins produce inflammatory reactions in their joints, chronic deterioration of the bone cartilage. Studies show that O’s are high strung and less emotionally hardy. It appears from many studies that the liver is unable to detoxify the many chemicals toxins and produces immunological effects on the digestive tract and musculoskeletal. Stopping the lectin food stops the pain.

O’s do well on Licorice and potassium supplements both really help the liver shine
clean. The bile ducts where detoxification occurs become more efficient and have greater protection against chemical damage. The removal of stress in the liver helps the adrenal, the blood sugar and increase the energy level.

O’s have a history of blood disorders from lack of clotting to strokes. Many have heavy clotting during their menstrual periods. Chlorophyll should be taken to modify your clotting ability. Chlorophyll can be found in any vegetable and eating 5 a day is my recommendation.

O’s have a wonderful enzyme discovered in the Framingham heart study that protects
us from cardiovascular problems This High alkaline phoshatase speeds the absorption and metabolism of fats and tents to low serum cholesterol levels and give the O’s a high surficial rate. Thus we have a lower than average incidence of heart disease.

O’s who eat large quantities of carbs often modified their effectiveness of their insulin resulting in the body storing more fat in the tissue and elevating the cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Most O’s take drugs to lower these levels. But there are huge long term problems with this drug therapy. And most people who have high LDL’s would be nervous about eating a diet of lean red meats. Your cardiologist would be appalled and would suggest drugs like Mevacor. But three month on the O proper diet will solve the problem. The cardiac O diet is high in lean meat and off ..... off the carbs. Hawthorn can be used for the heart along with Vit B, and niacin which will help reduce the cholesterol level. Stress and heart disease go hand in hand for O people. Get to know the King of kings and give him all your problems -- he is big enough to handle them.

You also need regular exercise. Intense exertion, rebounding, resistance training
martial arts, contact sports and running. But start by walking 30 min. outside everyday at your on speed.

O blood type folks contract strep throat and may suffer repeated infections where
standard therapy is ineffective. Use a mouthwash of goldenseal and sage. Goldenseal contains a component called berberine that is anti-strep. Thieves essential oil is also effective where antibiotics will only make the problem worse. Contact me and I will tell you how to get this wholesale.

O’s are also susceptible to the viral infection mononucleosis and antibiotics are ineffective because it is caused by a virus not a bacteria. The doc's will give you antibiotics which will not work on these viruses. Use Thieves or Cloves essential oils, Weber State Univerity has studies these oils and they will kill a virus in 4 minutes. Again contact me to learn how to buy them wholesale.

Type II diabetic are often found in O’s who consume large abouts of wheat and corn over the years. Type II’s are overweight and have high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. Remove the corn and wheat and white sugar from your diet and the problem will diminish.

Constipation, Chohns and colitis, stomach and duodenal ulcers and gastric are all common due to the e\stomach acid contents and the serious inflammation from eating
carbs. Kefir and probiotics are helpful in the above.

Candidiasis-- yeast is a common sensitivity the immune system is
compromised by the carbs. They are allergic type hypersensitivity to the yeast
When the diet is changed to high protein with complete avoidance of grains the symptom stop.

Yea we finally hit a winner. Type O have much lower incidence of
cancer. Type O recover from breast cancer better than any other
blood type.

Best nutrients for O’s are digestive enzymes,Vit B, pancreatic enzymes, protease.

Iodine and kelp for thyroid support
Manganese to help calcium absorption
avoid Vit A and E which tends to thin the blood

Foods to AVOID
wheat and corn, ,pork, unclean fish, Whey, all milk, yogurt, all cheese except mozzarella, and gouda, Peanuts, cashews, cereals, bread, noodles, pasta, potato, mushrooms, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, melons, oranges, corn syrup, vinegar, rhubarb.

Best vegetables
asparagus green beans, broccoli and zucchini

Best fruit
apples, mixed berries, blue berries, grapefruit, kiwi, orange, peach, pear and plum

Best foods
Beef, Ezeikel bread, molasses, prunes, sesame seeds, chia seeds, zucchini

Best fat choices
3 almonds, 1T avocado, 3 cashews, 1 T coconut

Best fast food
Wendy’s chili
McDonalds Grilled McChicken toss ½ the bun
BugerKing BK broiler hamburger toss ½ the bun
Taco Bell 2 chicken tacos

Top 7 foods to avoid
Pork, Wheat, Corn, coffee, Whey or milk, Ice cream

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