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#17 Megahetz and Food

Energy is the Current of Life
Because we have managed to disconnect ourselves from the sources of light such as fluorescent lights, indoor lifestyles, glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, tanning lotions, garden flesh fruits, and vegetables, many of us suffer from chronic “mal-illumination.” Like mal-nutrition, “mal-illumination” deprives us of a level of nutrients and rhythmic stimulation that is essential for living as fully healthy folks. People are over-stuffed with food and remain totally under-nourished. Eating 6 Big Mac’s might make you full but still have no energy from the food. Lets take a look at the mhz found in some of our foods.

All Foods Are Not Equal
Big Mac has 1 mhz
French fries have 1 mhz
Pasta noodles have 3 mhz
Chocolate cake has 3 mhz
Pork has 15 mhz
Feed Lot beef, cooked has 15 to 20 mhz
Grain Fed beef cooked has 40 to 45 mhz
Refined canned or cooked vegetables have 10 to 30 mhz
Vitamin or mineral supplements have 10 to 30 mhz
Processed nuts with salt in them have 20 mhz
Raw nuts have 45 mhz
Frozen concentrated juice has 10 mhz
Fresh Basil has 52 mhz
Wild fish have 55 mhz
Farm raised fish cooked has 40 to 45 mhz
Cheep chicken has 20 to 25 mhz
Range free organic chicken and their eggs have 40 to 45 mhz
Fresh Organic produce has the hightest with 60 to 80 mhz
Peppermint essential oil has 78 mhz
Myrrh essential oil has 105 mhz
Lavender essential oil has 118 mhz
Thieve essential oil has 175 mhz
Rose Essential oil costing $150 for 1 oz is 350 mhz
Liquid light smoothies have ? mhz What do you think ?? **

*hint – we’ll talk about this in the next few chapters

You Compare
Whole fresh fruit has 60 - 80 mhz
Canned Fruit has 10 to 30 mhz

Whole fresh vegetables have 60 - 80 mhz
Canned Vegetables have 10 to 30 mhz

Wild Fish have 55 mhz
Farm Fish have 40 mhz

Grass Feed Beef has 45 mhz
Feedlot Beef has 15 to 30 mhz

Raw nuts and seeds have 45 mhz
Cooked or pasturized nuts have 10 to 30 mhz

Eating The Tree Of Light
Your liver runs at about 55 to 60 MHz
Your colon at 58 to 63 MHz.
You tummy at 58 to 65 MHz.
Your brain run at a top-notch speed of about 75 mhz.

Quiz Question #1 if your organs need 70 MHz to function, and you deposit a 5 MHz Big Mac and 3 MHz chocolate cake in your body -- how much more food will you need to eat before you start getting some energy? Instead of searching for "miracle" energy foods your goal should be to eat a diet that consists of foods that are vibrating at higher energies.

The last time you stopped in at the Golden Arches for a value meal, how much energy did you get? Were you in an energy deficit in a very short period? How long before you wanted to yawn or a nap? If your (MHz), energy is low, your organs will have to work overtime and you are not going to be functioning at peak efficiency. You are going to be using all of the Big Mac and cake 8 MHz just to digest those two foods and your body’s gas tank will be empty, and you will asleep. When you eat a raw liquid light smoothie at 80 MHz, the particles of light energy will mixes with your body and you will get a shockingly energetic "blood transfusion" or IV straight into your blood steam by way of your mouth.

Chicken McNuggets are made with real white meat and what else?
According to Ronald McDonald they are actually 1/2 chicken. The rest is a mix of corn derived fillers, additives and synthetic chemicals that prolong it's shelf life. Dimethyl polysioxane is a type of silicone anti-foaming agent. Tertiary butythydroquinone (TBHQ) is a petroleum based chemical that stops fats and oils from going rancid. You can find it in varnishes, lacquers, persticide products and cosmetics to make them last and remain stable.

I have a McDonald's Bun sitting embalmed out in my garage -- it is impervious to degradation and the mice that
visit my garage refuse to eat it. It does not have a single trace of mold and has barely even begun to shrivel.
Here are a few ingredients that can be found in a McBun.
Calcium sulfate or Plaster of Paris
Calcium Carbonate an Antacid medication
Ammonium sulfate (according to MSDS this is harmful if swallowed)
Ammonium chloride which causes irriation to the tummy with symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea)
Calcium propionate a preservative
Sodium propionate the mold inhinitor that allows the bun to look fresh 10 years later

I also have the cheese from the above McDonalds sandwich sealed in a baggy in the frig in my garage. It has been there 10 years. It has not changed from the day I bought it. The color and texture is good. If looks moist and yellow, not a speck of mold anywhere. Real food dies..........................

Do You Vibrate With The Energy From Heaven?
High School Math says 2 + 2 = 4.
College Quantum physics says 2 + 2 = 16.
Math say one apple = 81.42 calories or 21.11 grams of carbs.
Quantum physics say the apple plus the sun will give you health.
There's no absolute truth, just what is right for you at a particular moment.

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