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#34 Are you chicken about eating raw eggs?

Are You Chicken About Eating Eggs RAW?

Among numerous health myths, I want to talk about eggs. The American Heart Association has said for years that eating eggs will cause heart and blood pressure problems. I had a very skinny gentleman who was a principal of a school who went without eggs for four years. In an extreme effort to follow the doc's heart diet, he didn’t eat any desserts or pasta products. His LDL got worse. Then he cut out meat except for an occasional fish. Every time he came in for blood work, his LDL and triglycerides would get higher. The drugs didn't work to keep it down either. He would eat less and less eggs and meat and more carb food. The doctors would up his medication, but never deal with the under lying problems. Sorry to say he died of mis-information and heart problems. If you are an “O” blood type, you will need protein along with the Raw Liquid Light Smoothie (or by noon, you will be starved.) There are many possibilities for protein. The base could be Whey or Hemp protein powders,chia seeds, nuts, or eggs. If you are blood type B and A or AB you will not need as much protein -- your energy doesn't come from protein. All my smoothie recipes are individually made so that they fit experiment and find out what works and what doesn't....

Real Research Says Eggs Are Good For You
Research NOT bought by pharmaceutical industry money says:
1. Eggs benefit the heart by increasing fat soluble vitamins
2. Eggs have NO effect on the bad Cholesterol (LDL)
3. Eggs increase total and good cholesterol
4. Normal egg consumption decreases heart disease
5. Cooked eggs denatures the protein making unusual compounds that are unhealthy

True Free-Range Egg Are far more nutritional than commercially raised eggs. The U.S. Department of Agriculture tested range free, omega3, and commercially raised eggs. Hens that run free on pasture contain
1/3 less cholesterol
1/4 less saturated fat
2/3 more vitamin A
Two times more omega 3 fatty acid
Three times more vitamin E
Seven time more beta carotene
Huge amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin for the eyes

Do You Have Egg Allergies?
Raw eggs are phenomenally inexpensive and incredible source of many nutrients. Many people are allergic to eggs. Heating the egg protein actually changes its chemical shape and the distortion leads to the body not recognizing the chemical and thinking it is a foreign toxin or a non-food substance. The incidence actually disappears when they try them raw. So once again, mis-information gave you the wrong conclusion.

What About Salmonella?
This serious infection in eggs comes from contamination. One in every 30,000 eggs is infected with salmonella in mass produced, commercially raised hens. These hens are unable to more in multi-layer itty-bitty metal cages. Sick chickens lay salmonella eggs. Range free organically fed, healthy chickens lay healthy eggs. In cage free birds the problem just doesn’t happen. When I visited China everywhere I went there were unrefrigerated cooked eggs sitting out, for days. Blew the socks off me. My foreign exchange student was totally amazed at my questions about Salmonella, she had never heard of it. Only greedy American’s with mass chicken productions have Salmonella.

What Is The Real Definition Of Free-Range Eggs?
Don’t be fooled by the egg industry’s double-speak definitions,
of what free-range really is. True free-range eggs are from hens that range freely outdoors on a pasture where they can forage for their natural diet, which includes seeds, green plants, insects, and worms. A hen that is let outside into a barren lot for a few minutes a day but is fed a diet of corn, soy, and cottonseed meals, plus synthetic additives, is NOT a free-range hen, and will not produce the same quality eggs as its foraging counterpart.

Avoid all omega-3 eggs, as they are actually LESS healthy for you. Typically, the animals are fed poor-quality sources of omega 3 fats that are already oxidized. In addition omega 3 eggs do not last anywhere near as long as non-omega 3 eggs. If you have to purchase your eggs from a commercial grocery store, I would advise getting free-range organic. Ideally, if at all possible it would be far preferable to purchase your eggs directly from your local hen house down the street. When you first buy homegrown range free eggs, you’re going to see a huge difference. My husband grew up on watery thin semi-yellow store eggs with clean white shells. Complaining when I started bringing them home, he wanted the watered down, thin shelled ones. He didn’t like the dirty green shells that were extra hard. The farm yolks were bright yellow and super thick, sticking to the bowl, hard to wash out. Expect to do some retraining to the untrained brain.

Fresh raw egg yolks taste like vanilla. They should be eaten in my Liquid Light Smoothies in the "Rocky Style,” or combined with avocado or in a shake with your fruits and veggies. However, egg protein is easily damaged on a molecular level, even by mixing/blending, so at the end of mixing you quickly stir them in with the blender instead of whipping them wildly with all the other ingredients.

If you choose not to eat your eggs raw, cooking them soft-boiled would be your next best option. Scrambling your eggs is one of the worst ways to eat eggs as it actually oxidizes the cholesterol in the egg yolk. If you have high cholesterol this may actually be a problem for you, as the oxidized cholesterol may cause some damage in your body. BAM Don’t be chicken of eggs -- the truth will set you free.

In the fall when I have tons of apples this recipe is like eating pure sugar. It is just so sweet you almost can’t drink more than 4 ounces straight - but I indulge
4 apples that are tangy and sour
1/2 to 2 inches of fresh ginger
1/2-teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cardamom
An option to increase your protein would be to add 1 T protein powder, 1 egg or 1/2 cup of kefir.
This recipe has 333 calories, 86 carbs, 15 grams of fiber.

Ginger also performs well as an antibiotic agent, a very potent strong antioxidant that seeks out and eliminates free radicals that would otherwise damage healthy cells, and as an anti-inflammatory with pain-relieving properties. As an anti-inflammatory, the herb has been used to help treat both arthritis, and everyday aches and pains. Ginger also benefits colds, flu, and allergies. Known primarily for its ability to alleviate nausea, motion sickness, indigestion, also other digestive problems, ginger has been found to out-perform anti-nausea drugs, and the good news is that it does it without the adverse side effects that accompany western medications! Recent studies, in addition, have found that the ginger root herb can lower blood cholesterol and reduce blood clotting. Ginger has a component similar to the salicylic acid of aspirin, accounting for its blood-thinning properties.

Have you ever seen a skinny pig?
Farmers have known forever that if you give raw potatoes to hogs, they will not gain weight, but if you give them cooked potatoes, they gain weight easily.
Why do farmers know how to fatten their stock but then think the same principle
doesn't apply to themselves?

The Skinny Raw Red Reducer (formerly the Cooked Pig)
This is done with the Champion juicer.
Start with one apple and keep the pulp
1 handful of greens
(juice these early so the veggie pulp has a chance to get it though the champion )
1 cup pumpkin
1/2 small raw sweet potato cut up
2 carrots washed
1 small spring beet
1 six inch zucchini
Toss all the pulp and divide into two glasses
Stir in 1 t. of chia and 1/2 c of red berries to each smoothie
add 1 T. protein powder or raw eggs if you want, and whiz briefly

By now you should be getting the understanding that raw food is better for you
than cooked and that it helps you maintain a healthy weight.
1. Decrease your animal protein by one meal this week
(Exchange it for nuts or seeds)
2. Increase your fiber intake to 40 grams a day
3. Get at least one (preferable 3)servings of vegetables every day
4. Increase you water intake to 10 - eight ounce glasses of plain 100% water.

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