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#29 secret weapon - enzymes

Secret Weapon #5 Enzymes
Enzymes are the spark of life. The Greek word for enzymes means to cause to change. They are the catalysts that enables cells to work and chemical reactions to happen without themselves being consumed in the process. They are the spark of every biochemical reaction.

TOP 20 Enzyme Food
Vegetables with enzymes
Lettuce and other greens

If you don’t eat raw what is the next best way to gain live enzymes? Plant digestive enzymes pills are actually concentrated food enzymes from nature. I dont recommend, animal enzymes because they come from the animal pancreas products taken from animals at slaughterhouses.
Reasons for Taking Plant Enzyme Supplements

1. Anyone eating cooked food needs enzymes for digestion
2. Age correlates with decrease enzyme reserve -- anybody over 40
3. Illness and disease cause enzymes depletion.
4. Allergies are associated with incomplete digestion subside

Who Will Benefit From Supplements?
1. Anybody with an Endocrine Imbalance
2. Anyone with blood sugar problems or diabetes
3. Those with excess cholesterol or triglycerides
4. Anyone with Arthritic Inflammation and PAIN
5. Anyone with allergies or asthma
6. People with digestive disturbances or food allergies

There is no digestive Leukocytosis when you eat raw food.
From the 1930’s, it has been documented that eating caused the white blood cells to increase in the body. Now, it has been proven that eating food that is raw does not cause this. This Immune battle takes tons of energy first thing in the morning, and I’m not willing to share my morning energy need with my immune system.

What Are Your Enemies Of Digestion?
Lack of chewing - snarfing food down in a hurry
Lack of Enzymes from getting older
Excess acidity from disease, lifestyle, stress, and lack of vegetables in the diet
Celiac Disease and other diseases
Lactose Intolerance or allergies
Over worked and no sleep or rest

Can Enzymes Stop YOUR Inflammation?
Many studies have proved that enzymes decrease pain. A well know study had 100 healthy Karate kids who were put into the ring to fight. 50 were given enzymes a week before the spar. The other 50 were not. The healing time for the comparable injuries were evaluated. The enzymes basically cut the healing time in 1/2. If that was my body I would be impressed.

Enzymes and Knee Surgery After surgery, rapid decrease of wound edema is a sign that tells a medical person that there will be early functional mobility. As a surgical patient, this person will have less pain and less problems in healing. In our next study on healing, 50% of the preoperative patients were given enzymes for two weeks before surgery and 2 weeks after their knee surgery. Those without enzymes were not able to bend their knee after surgery until the ninth day. The patients with the enzyme supplement were able to more their knee 90% by the seventh day, proving that enzymes provide faster healing and less pain during surgery.
Raw Veggie Enzymes Fix Wounds Fibrin, is the glue our blood produces for coagulation, is required by the body for sealing wounds. Our bodies maintain an equilibrium that allows the blood to flow at a perfect viscosity. If there is not enough fibrin you would bleed to death, fibrin overproduction would be a fatal heart disease.

At 60 your body makes a fraction of the enzymes you had when you were young. The results are obvious. The blood flows more sluggishly, toxic debris tends to remain in the vessels, and the vessels become narrower and harder. Injuries and disease tend to compound the problem leading to insufficient blood flow to the heart. Enzymes from the Raw L.L. smoothies will keep your viscosity at the perfect amount.

1. Inhibits inflammation without immune suppression.
2. Reduces edema.
3. Inhibits thrombi formation and stimulates thrombolysis
4. Improves blood supply to hurt tissue
5. Improves blood circulation
6. Accelerate the inflammation process for faster healing.

Boxers Without Bruises Boxers injected with enzymes immediately after injury had their black eyes and bruises gone in one to three days, rather than the usual 10 to 14 days.

Swimmer Scores A world -class swimmer developed shoulder pain, this came from repeatedly raising the arms. He experienced extreme pain in both shoulders and was very concerned because the national championships were within a month’s time. He wanted to qualify for the national swim team. He was put on enzymes and within a week, the pain had almost gone, in spite of continued workouts. By the second week, he was totally pain free.

Football Injuries Heal Faster Than the Doc Expected Mike played middle linebacker for a local high school and his knee was violently injured during a game. When his knee immediately began to swell the team doctor took Mike out for the season. Understanding about pain, inflammation and enzymes, Mike's Mom began giving him high doses of enzymes immediately after the game. On Monday he returned to play, the doctor was amazed at Mike’s rapid improvement. By Tuesday, he was pain free and he was allowed to practice that Friday.

Protocol for Enzymes and Injuries
1. Take enzymes as early as possible
2. Take high doses initially
3. Take supplements 1/2 hour before food and 1 1/2 hours after food
4. Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables

Inflammation In Your Body Does:
1. Kills brain cells (I need all I still have)
2. Thickens blood with increased fibrinogen
3. Causes arterial plaque that might break off leading to stroke
4. Increases COX2 leading to rapid abnormal cell production.
5. Promotes free radical damage

Liquid Light Smoothies Provide Enzymes
Inflammation causes disease. Inflammation is highly treatable and a correctable condition when you eat raw vegetables that are packing a full punch of MHz enzymes. Remember cooking kills all enzymes. Veggie Smoothies are the real food relief packaged in a yummy drink.

Would You Rather Take a Pill than CHANGE?
Based on the past did your pill help change the underlying problem?
Taking anti-inflammatory pills like Aspirin or Ibuprofen causes:
1. Poor carb metabolism that may lead to glucose intolerance
2. Poor protein metabolism and muscle fatigue
3. Cause poof fat metabolism leading to weight gain
4. Suppress immune system
5. Cause bloating, irritation to the tummy, leading to gastric and duodenal ulcers
6. Increase weak bones
7. Encourage excitable and irregular heart rates
8. Stress the kidney and may cause kidney stones

Can You Afford To Become 1 Out Of 4?
Hundreds of reliable studies have showed that 30 to 40 percent of patients become resistant to aspirin like medication. When you need medications, you don’t want to have become resistant to them.

Raw Food Enzymes Just For Women
Gynecologist’s all over Europe are using enzyme mixtures to treat female diseases. Enzymes are being used to treat mastopathy, malignant neoplasms, to influence endothelial synthesis, treat dysmenorrhea, and fibrocystic breast disease. Positive results are being obtained from just sensation of pain to treating carcinomas and fibromas.

Raw L.L Smoothies will increase your enzymes.
Cholesterol Can Be Balance By Raw Food Cholesterol can be found in most cardiovascular diseases, but it is a vitally important component of normal blood flow. Cholesterol has pointed crystals that press into the vessel walls, when this happens they lose their elasticity and become covered with greasy fatty looking stuff -- this is the beginning of arteriosclerosis. Fibrinolytic enzyme therapy has been used successfully to treat arteries and veins and can be a lifesaving treatment with pulmonary embolisms, myocardial infarctions. Certain enzyme mixtures increase the fibrinolytic activity of the blood, which normalizes the equilibrium-balancing act. Early intervention with high enzyme liquid light smoothies will help keep the body from getting into heart disease.

As a nurse I've drawn blood on a patient and then gone in and spun the tube in a cintrafuge. Sometimes right after lunch the test tube will be half full of thick glue white looking crisco plaque. When I've asked the patient what he had for lunch it will be the usual fast food sandwich along with super sized greesed french fries. This thick greasy stuff doesn't just disappear.

Blood Clots Benefit from Smoothies Raw Liquid Light Smoothies with tons of enzymes are used when there is a lymphatic system that has become over-burdened and there has been a chronic inflammatory reaction. Enzyme therapy is beneficial even in advanced stages of a blood clot. After 7 to 14 day, the leg swelling will reduce by more than 50% and the pain will decrease. Further, there will be a decrease in cholesterol and triglycerides, plus an increase in HDL. Cucumbers, squash, melons, parsley and citrus fruit prevent platelet from sticking together to form a clot. Phytonutrients found in vegetables are inversely related to the formation of C-reactive protein, the key to measuring inflammation. So the more phytonutrients you ingest , the less C-reactive protein you are likely to form. Smoothies are a powerful tool for fighting clots.
Antioxidant properties of vegetables can inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the blood, and since oxidized LDL cholesterol is much more likely to form artery - blocking plaque preventing it's oxidation is an important task -- as important as lowering the amount of LDL cholesterol.

Berries rich in phlyphenols are powerful fighters against the risk of heart disease. Studies show that consuming a couple of servings of berries each day for two months brings a change in platelet function and a decrease in blood pressure along with a 5.2% increase in HDL (the good cholesterol). Those who didn't eat berries had a 0.6% rise in HDL.

There Are Huge Advantages to NOT Taking COUMADINE
Veggies have a rapid effect with no chronic side effects
There is no risk of hemmoage
Coagulation controls not necessary with vegetables
No suppression to the immune system
No incompatibility with other medication
Veggies Can be used by diabetic patients
My question is why not help your body before you get a thrombophlebitis or atherosclerosis?
Raw Food Enzymes To The Rescue

Enzymes have been used for year to fight viruses and infection. Years ago, the tobacco crop was infected with a mosaic virus. Farmers learned that plants treated with enzymes resisted the virus, while those not treated died. Vets used enzymes to effectively treat equine viral cough and bovine influenza. All viruses have a protein coat containing nucleic acid; this can be broken down by enzymes, thus stopping virus reproduction. They also work because they help eliminate inflammation, pain, and fatigue. Pneumonia, influenza in human, colds, and other viral conditions appear to be successfully treated the same therapy. The course of these conditions can be considerably shortened, the symptoms are always milder with the complications are avoided. If we have extra enzymes in our body on a maintenance basis, we will close the door on the viruses before they get started. Raw green raw liquid light smoothies work every time.

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