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#9 Eat , Drink and Still SHRINK

Eat, Drink and Still SHRINK

No doubt about it, obesity causes disease. Weight loss is experienced by whole food smoothie drinkers. Many notice that the pounds just “fall off.” This may be a result of the fact that acids are stored in the fat cells, and when the PH becomes better balanced with alkaline foods such as those found in the Raw Liquid Light Smoothies. The cells dump the acids and the fat. Additionally, people who are juicing are likely to eat less processed and junk food. They feel better, have more energy, so they are more active, and start shedding those excess calories. Smoothies help remove excess weight without starvation diets and they taste yummy.

Dietary Changes are the Solution..........their Powerful Medicine
Without pills or doctors -- YOU take back your health. If you're diabetic now, you probably already know most of this. You also know you have a tough row to hoe. If you think your are free and clear of disease, think again. Get your blood sugar level checked often. If your overweight or obese, it's time to admit the truth to yourself; your at risk. The doctors will tell you they can't cure these problems and that their drugs will only help control the symptoms. Smoothies will prevent that yearly pound or two that we add as we get older.

I want to emphasize my way of eating is a lifestyle based on:
1. the joy of living, not the fear of dying
2. choice, not coercion
3. great food that tastes wonderful, is easy to fix and goes out the door with you to your next stop

You know that maintaining a healthy weight is monumental in the attack against disease. Liquid Light Smoothies are your first line of defense in preventing weight gain, and controlling the disease symptoms.

Need to lower your blood pressure? Lose weight with smoothies.

Need to curb your LDL cholesterol count? Eat less cholesterol with smoothies.

Thyglycerides too high? Decrease your high frutose corn syrup intake with real food

Diagnosed as diabetic or prediabetic Control glucose with smoothies

Got potential lump problems? Try smoothies loaded with antioxidants.

Bones hurt? Increase your enzymes with raw food

Need energy? Eat less processed carbs with Liquid Light Smoothies.

Your body is waiting to be restored *** your mind needs a decision *** what is your next action?

99% of Scientific Medical Research is Bought by Industry --1/2 truths and Lies -- that is why they flip flops all the time. The Dairy Industry says drink milk BUT the Vitamin company's -- don't drink milk but take Calcium instead. Lets take the research on Calcium absorbtion. There were a million studies done since 1920 the majority being paid for by Dairy Council and you all saw much of the results on TV. "Milk 3 times a day for strong bones" Of all the research, only 50 were paid for by someone who was not going to make money from you. Of those, 12 really had some scientific relavance and only one incoperated the effects of calcium on bones of older people and Osteoporosis. (that one said exactly opposite of ALL the majority) What the TV, the American Heart Ass, the Cancer Ass., the American Diabetic Ass. and most doctors are going to tell you is paid for by BIG Lobby MONEY. 40 years of their advise has made American fat, sick and poorly nurished. I was sick of lies, my life and my family had to see though the deception to get our health back.

Dethrown the Deception How?

I've done my homework by digging though the propoganda looking for the occasional , unbiased, agenda-free research. 90% of the research I look through are puff pieces designed to inflate the reputation of the writer and not to advance knowledge. . Many of these papers actually retard advances in knowledge; some quite deliberately, it seems. No more than one out of ten medical papers are even worth reading; and even that is probably an exaggeration. Once in a blue moon, there is a NONE-drug money nutrition study hidden deep in a reputable scientific journal that is not biased. But you have to dig and by golly IT GIVES YOU COMPLETELY DIFFERENT OPTIONS than you normally hear. It shows that increasing fruits and vegetables and decreasing animal protein could:

1. Control weight that causes chronic healthy problems in the future
2. Prevent and Reverse heart disease by diet alone
3. Drop cholesterol and blood pressure WITHOUT Satin Drugs
4. Enable Diabetic patients to go off their medication in four days
5. Cause remission in Breast Cancer by fruits and vegetables
6. Stop pain from Kidney stones by a plant-based food and increased water intake
7. Deminish enlarged Prostrates
8. Halt tumor growth with just veggies and less protein
9. Increase mental performance at the office
10. Enable the endothelium to heal and renew itself, unclog arteries to dilate and
replenish the heart muscle they serve

How comes you have not heard about this news?

There is no one making tons of money off of it!
That's how comes !!! But now we have the understanding of how diet can affect your body at the cellular level. There is broad range evidence that whole food, plant based diet of fruit, and vegetables are best for preventing and stopping cancer and disease. Science has the technology to measure the biomarkers associated with diabetes and the evidence to show that blood sugar, blood cholesterol and insulin levels hugely improve with plant based diets. Study after study, including the 20 year China study prove that diet is your answer. No drug you buy is going to get you healthy. No Drug is going to stop disease and give you back your health. You have been hit with these facts, now it is my job to help you easily implement the changes into your diet.

Are you willing to change?
Are you ready to to give it a try?

Raw Vegetables = 52% Less Cancer for You

One in 4 will get cancer in their lifetime. Increasing your vegetables and friuts = Health Science wants to make the magic bullet that gives you health. They want you to buy low carb bread, or a satin drug or poly-unsaturated low fat chips. But health is difficult to make in the lab. It is not a simple substance with a single simple benefit. Foods represents hundreds of substance, and their benefits operate though many exceptionally complex biochemical events. It is impossible even with research to know what each does. Nevertheless, one thing for sure – One thing that every study, and every nutitionist agree upon -- People all around the world that eating more whole food -- fruits and vegetables can dramatically lower cancer rates and decrease obesity.

Eat Alive and You Will Thive
1. You burn more calories just digesting your total real food meal.
2. It takes longer to digest real food and you stay full longer and you eat less.
3. Slower absorbtion means less ups and downs in blood sugar - less insulin spikes
(Remember you will not taste the veggies in my Smoothies)

Now I want you to notice something. God used your mind and taste buds to instinctively cause you to eat the banana in the first place, so that you could obtain the nutrients contained within, which your body needed in order to satisfy its
nutritional needs. However, after eating several, your body was satisfied and you no longer were hungry. Now suppose I give you a bag of potato chips. How long do you think it will take you to be satisfied, and want to stop eating them? Will you eat two, four, six, eight, or will you have to eat the whole bag before you feel unpleasantly satiated? With processed foods, it takes a long time before you don’t want to eat any more. Why? It is because the Food Science Industry has chemically altered them from their natural state. (making them $$$) In their whole, natural, raw form, your body instinctively tells you when to stop eating. But because they have been processed, and altered -- your taste buds don’t tire of them. This is because the body has not received the nutrients needed to signal satisfaction.

Discovery the Change Raw Liquid Light Smoothies—provide more fruits, vegetables, and decrease animal products in your diet. That means less cholesterol, less fat, less calories that taste GREAT every morning. I look forward to breakfast. Every cell, in your body, has an itty-bitty nuclear reactor inside of it. Electrons zoom around and energy is made. If this energy is not managed properly, you get problems just like the disaster in Russia. In real life, nuclear reactors have thick impenetrable material around the core of the reactor to protect against escaped radioactive energy. Our body’s reactors leak all the time, the energy flies off uncontrolled, damaging cells and organs. These are called Free Radicals. However, amazingly, Veggies DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBELM, they have green chlorophyll that stops this energy leakage and focuses it, towards your day energy needs.

Think about it??? What foods have chlorophyll?
thats the next lesson

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