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#31 Secret Weapon - Kefir

Your GI Tract Began Sterile
The moment after your birth, bugs were introduced into your tummy with breast milk. After that, you spend your life trashing your body with bad stuff. Poor dietary choices and other lifestyle choices have caused the wrong bacteria to come right down the esophagus. Undesirable bugs compete for a place to hang their hat on the intestinal wall. Many foods would normally contain healthy bugs, but because of mass production, canning, and pasteurization the good bugs have been killed. Bad bugs came in like food -poisoning. Healthy tiny itty-bitty microscopic bugs are found in the Kifer. We put a high concentration of these healthy bugs back in every morning.

Yogurts Dirty Little Secret
The term pro-biotic comes from the Greek work “for life.” If you’re a thinking kind of person, you probably are thinking, that antibiotic means anti-life. When they make fermented milk, the result is a solution full of enzymes and life, people in the Balkan countries did this for hundreds of years.

Yogurt’s Problem – Digestion
To make a pro-biotic effective it has to make it through the stomach’s acidity and still keep on ticking like the every ready battery. 1/10 or 1% of the pro-biotic found in Yogurt is functioning when it arrives in your intestines, where it needs to go to work. If I said that, you could have 1/10 of 1% of a thousand dollars, how much money would you get? BAM Wisdom opens your eyes to the industries lies.

Secret Weapon #6 Kefir
Kefir – Milks Try For Immortality
Originally Kefir was obtained by adding pro-biotic grains to fresh milk and then incubating them at 64 – 75 degrees for twenty-four hours. Kefir is very much like yogurt but it has a bit more liquid and it has a light fizzy taste. Kefir can be made from goat, cow, ox’s, sheep and from an unusual source -- young coconut water or fruit juices. You will find kefir, in the grocery store -- it will be in the refrigerator right next to the yogurt or milk. It comes in a thirty-two ounce white milk plastic jug.

How This Affects You ?
Analogous to grapes and wine, yogurt is like wine and kefir is like champagne. The health benefits are all in favor of Kefir, while yogurt is just more along the lines of a sweet digestible form of milk. If you were looking at the two products as a chemist, you would see that they are mirrored images of each other. Yogurt rotates to the left and kefir goes to the right. They are both lactic acid cultures composed of the same number of carbon, oxygen and halogen elements only mirror opposites. Kefir locks the oxygen into the cells for curative benefits, as well as nutritional ones.

Why Does Yogurt Not Cut The Mustard?
Both kefir and yogurt are cultured milk products but the deliver their goodies differently. The digestive enzymes in the yogurt help digest the yogurt. However, only the yogurt. The yogurt probiotic is all used up in no time flat during digestion, but the kefir lasts indefinitely in your body.

35 Different Bugs In Kefir Yogurt has a few bacteria, but Kefir is super changed with energy antibiotic colonic cleansers. It has Lactobacoillus, Causasus, leuconostoc, Acetbacter species, and Streptococcus species. Kefir comes with a ton more enzymes than yogurt, these make the colon wall sticky like fly paper. Smart Yeast Makes the Fizz. Saccharomyces are the beneficial yeast found in Kefir. They help dominate, control, and eliminate destructive pathogenic yeast in the body. These penetrate the mucosal lining, make the decision if a yeast of bacteria bad or good, and then wipe out the bad guys. Then the body becomes more efficient in resisting such pathogens as E.coli and intestinal parasites. The describes much more about kefir and how it's smart yeast destroys candida albicans. She has a great web site and many books that will document and inform you.

Kefir Jump-start Digestion by:
Stimulating salivary enzyme flow
Starting waves of muscular contractions in the intestinal tract
Increasing the flow of digestive enzymes juices to fight constipation, candidia, and parasites

Pro-biotics and Viruses
Ever had food poisoning? Taking a pro-biotic every thirty minutes will let the smart bugs take care of the bad bugs and you will feel better in no time flat. New nursing moms, have you ever had your baby become sick and vomit? Baby pro-biotics or big people pro-biotics will stop that nasty problem. The good bugs go in and take care of what every problem the bad bacteria are causing.

Probiotics are good so Industry make a pill just for you........
If you’re a health conscious person, you have probably seen the hype over pro-biotic supplements. We have been told that we are not digesting our food properly, and that our enzyme stores have run out. The assumption is that we need to take pro-biotic supplements the rest of our lives. Of course, industry wants to make money. They claim pro-biotic pills are better than real food. My theory is that whole food is always better than a worked up, processed product. Sally Fallon and Weston A. Price, along with Donna Gates at Body Ecology believe food is better than a processed pill. Cultured foods will actually add back enzymes stored into the enzyme banks of the body and aid the body in digestion. The kefir is superior to the processed pro-biotic pill. I believe that the probiotics have their place and have found them very convenient when I travel.

Pro-biotic Companies Claim More Bugs
To answer this claim we went digging into the scientific literature and several different references. I was able to determine that an average fermentation concentration good bugs is about 3 billion cfu/ml for yogurt. What does that mean in English? If you eat a small bowl (500ml) of Kefir in a twenty-four hour period, you would have received 1.4 trillion beneficial bacteria. 100 times more bacteria than the average processed pro-biotic pill labeled 150 billion per capsule. Furthermore, freshly made kefir can have an average microbial count as high as 10 billion cfu/ml. This includes a mixture of various bacteria and smart yeast strains. This means that a 500 ml glass of homemade kefir could contain as many as five trillion beneficial microorganisms or even more. I am very fond of Gary Young and his company Youngliving. They usually do everything first rate. However, I was disappointed in their pro-biotic. It like most of the pills, it have five million different bacteria with 2 kinds being the majority of the bugs. This probiotic recommends that you take it 2 to 5 times a day. From my study, taking a pro-biotic any other time than bedtime is a waste of money. Metagenics has Ultra Flora Plus with FOS, which is the best product I have taken for many years. It has two bacteria that equal 1.5 million and it suggests that it should be taken at bedtime.

Claim #2
Pro-biotic companies claim that kefir's bacteria are digested and that the bacteria is no longer any good. Their enteric-coated capsules and special design allow their pill bacteria to survive down in the lower part of the tummy where the acid is found. Again, to answer this claim I checked the scientific literature not paid for by the companies. Fermented milk products have many properties that might help this bacteria survive deep into the GI tract? (Remember that In general, less bacteria was alive in Yogurt.) Fermented milk contains many substances that nourish and protect the lactobacillus species. A recent study demonstrated the ability of calcium phosphate to protect lactobacillus acidophilus from bile acid but had no effect on salmonella. Milk products also serve as excellent buffering against and will help neutralize stomach acidity.

Kefir Kills H.Pilori --
The Little Green Pill Can Not the green pill will control the symptoms only....
Pro-biotic supplements offer just one thing made by man in a lab. Fermented milk offers so much more than just bacteria, it contains mineral, vitamins, protein, amino acids, L-carnitine, fats, CLA, and anti-microbial agents. In a 2000 study led by Dr. Chitra Wendakoon at the University of Alberta, Lactobacilli in fermented Kefir showed beneficial bacteria that effect H pylori and other germs. The pro-biotic pills with lactobacilli alone did not have antibiotic effects. In addition, the complex micro-flora found in kefir have demonstrated a keen ability to stimulate our immune systems, that wards off infection from bacteria, and salmonella. Those folks with Reflux problems would then benefit from the real thing, but not the pill. CA-CHING Knowledge pulls the covers off the drug companies’ propaganda.

The next time your at Kings go to the very north east corner of the building.
On the bottom refrigerated shelf you will find 10 kinds of Kefir. Take one home
and give it a try........

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