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#19 Are you happy the way you feel now?

Can You Have Health Without Pills?

Doctors see people as matter 2 + 2 = 4, and ignore the vital forces that animate and give life. Humans, unlike machines, are more than the accumulation of a pile of chemicals. We are dependent upon subtle vital forces that create synergism.
2 + 2 = 16 Because of this, the human body is greater than the sum of its parts. Energy creates order in our living systems and constantly rebuilds and renews our cells. Research is not yet sure even what to call these vital life energies that make us work. Most doctors think in math terms but we are going to think in Quantum physics theories.

Doctors see heart problems as plumbing problems; they are high-tech plumbers that just unclog the drain. They use chemicals to increase blood flow past cholesterol blockages, and when that fails they use a balloon plunger to blast away the debris. ?

Conventional Medicine And Surgery See Us As Matter as flesh and blood

Are you beginning to See Yourself As Energy?

How to Get the MOST energy out of your Food.
More than 3000 people were in a six year weight loss study. Everybody studied at the same number of calories and same type of food. The only difference between the two groups was the group who lost weight ate breakfast and the other group did not. The weight loss group kept it off for the six years and only 4% of those who never ate breakfast kept the wieght off. This shows it's not only what you eat, but what time of day you eat that counts. Spreading your calories out during the day helps the body matabolize it better and reduces insulin peaks and blood sugar swings.

Last week I spent a week building a small home for a family in the Reynosa, Mexico.
A doctor was on our team and I spent the week asking him various medical questians. I wanted to know how many hours of nutrition he had in the 12 years of school he had to become a doc. He said "several hours in one physiology course and several hours in a community health class."

Doctors get 21 Hours of Nutrition in Med School In 1985; the U.S. National Research Counsel funded an investigation of the quality and quantity of nutritional education in all the U.S. medical schools. The doctors who did the study found themselves completely inadequate. The average doctor received 21 hours of classroom time that adds up to two credits. Most nutritionists have between 300 to 500 hours in their undergraduate programs. The doc’s classes were primarily found in combination with public health problems or biology classes.

Deception Is Thinking Everything Is Fine
What you learned as a child in school or from your parents, you know as truth. Schoolteachers have curriculum standards to maintain and tests to administer; these have all been paid for by industries like milk and the U.S.D.A. (which is all wheat and corn money.) Unless disease forces you to abandon your old teachings and ideas, most people never, change their childhood eating habits. Most doctors say they cannot even get their patients to stop smoking how could they get them to change their diets. Our social mirrors are reinforcing our sad American diet, so most folks think everything is just, OK. However, with age, the sickness comes and then the questions start.

This book is for people who think for themselves!!!!

Are You Happy With How You Feel Right Now?
Would you rather just eat the way you have always eaten? This is the problem. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have right now. I challenge you to make your own experience the highest science and top dog authority. To gain proof of what really works for your body, you must become a scientist. True science observes without prejudice. When you experiment, you will add to your growing pool of wisdom that emphasizes what I would call “personal science.” Respect what you experience. Think for yourself. Do not let anybody tell you how you feel. Try raw liquid light food. Taste and feel the revitalization. You will find boundless energy. You are the authority! Your health is in your hands!

Nutritional Medicine Is Not Like Taking Drugs
It takes a minimum of 6 months to build up the body’s natural defenses and many of my patients have huge health issues; however, I feel the majority of the folks on Raw Liquid Light Smoothies have quick significant improvements. People have actually been cured of their underlying illnesses. Nutritional supplementation is not an alternative or substitute for traditional medical care.

You should never quit taking any medication prescribed by your doctor without his or her consent and direction. Many of my patients have been able to decrease their dependence of medication and in some cases even discontinued some of their meds. Nevertheless, tell you doctor your goals and ask for his co-operation.

If you eat bacon, toast, and eggs for breakfast and take your cholesterol-lowering pill that is your right. If you will not change your diet and out of fear you just keep on taking your $3000 a month arthritis medicine that is your decision. This book is for the person who truly wants to change the health of their body. So many diet books have one thing in common and agenda to sell something. My agenda is for you to feel the advantage that real food energy and to feel healthy.

Are You Motivated To Change?
Medicine will spend billions of dollars on breast cancer treatments while totally ignoring underlying cause. The person who chooses to change his diet instead of taking chemo is thought by society to be an idiot. He is thought to be an idealist and very odd. To choose another way other than drugs is considered heretical. Most folks do not want to rock the social boat and allow the TV, and the doctors to be the powerful almighty God. It takes energy and facts to fight city hall. Do you have either? We are not too dumb to make those important choices, do you have the wits and energy to stick your fist in the air and fight back? The status and the finances connected with the doctors hopes you do not.

Take a minute and think about how much power you have giving the medical profession over your life. Are they just practicing or do they know it all? Are you ready
to take back your life and think for yourself. Are you ready to do the research
and not let someone else who doens't even know you make major decisions for you?

If you no longer think doctors are informed about nutrition you have broke the lie that doc’s know it all. The American Health system has failed. We spend far more, per capita, on health care than any other society in the world and yet we are one of the sickest. Most of America’s diseases are related to food intake and the rest of the world just does not experience them. This truth will help you make wise decisions for yourself in the future.

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