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#4 B blood is that you?

B blood comes from the middle east, almost all Jews are B blood type, especially the Levite line.

Again Grains are a huge lectin. Wheat, corn, buckwheat, lentils, Amaranth, barley, cornflakes, cornmeal, cream of wheat, kamut rye, seven grain shredded wheat, tapioca, wheat bran, wheat germ, corn syrup, any cereals even granola are just going to make you unhealthy. Gluten lectins cause your metabolism to slow way down and store everything you eat as fat. Carbs products inhibits insulin efficiency hamper metabolic rate and cause hypoglycemia and inhibits liver function.

Try Ezekiel bread later -- this is a life bread and is highly nutritious The wheat is sprouted and the problem kernel is destroyed in the sprouting process. Sprouted taco and pita bread are perfectly Ok for you Spelt flour and pasta is OK
(But you try it out and see what it doesn for you energy by 10 AM that morning.

But begin a diet by NO carbs and then after you have been off the carbs for a month lets try some of the sprouted stuff or the spelt and see if it makes him bloat. You will be able to tell right away. This bread doesn't work for John and myself -- because we have HUGE allergies and no enzymes. But maybe you will be blessed and be able to use it without problems. O blood types have to be more strict than B's. I would certainly only allow yourself one piece a week.....

Here is the bad news. Chicken contains a Blood type B agglutinating lectin in its muscle tissue.. This issue is a powerful agglutinating lectin and it will attack your bloodstream and potentially lead to strokes and immune disorders. You may have turkey or pheasant. Does this mean you never eat chicken again ......?. Lets get some balance here. Everything I've written is to point you towards a goal. Balance is the name of the game. We all know chicken is cheep -- so your going to eat it. But now that you know this --- when turkey comes down in price buy a bunch and store them in the freezer. Try to use them more frequently........... Avoid cornish hens, duck, goose, partridge, and quail also. But don't get anal.......
unless you do a study and it effects you then remove it.

By the way eggs do not contain lectins like that found in the muscle of the adult chicken So you can have eggs but no chicken......... Odd................

Pork is an animal that has no sweat glands. When he is hot he rolls in the mud. He keeps all his toxins and stores them in his meat and then you eat them you store them. So in general pork is toxic meat. But for B people -- its really toxic. You must avoid bacon, ham, hot dogs, lunch meat, or any meat with nitrates. These lectins stick to you stomach and intestines and cause problems with acid and cancer.

B’s thrive on seafood especially deep ocean fish such as salmon. You may eat flounder, halibut and sole. Avoid all shellfish, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and mussels. They contain lectins that are disruptive in you system. God said no shellfish or pork in his dietary law. Selah........... something to think about for B's and Jews..........

B’s are the only blood type that can enjoy any diary, but I myself don’t recommend milk for adults. The milk these days is full of estrogen and steroids. These make the mother cow continue to produce milk for the dairy men... I suggest kefir.

The only bad cheese for you all is blue cheese and American cheese. Both contain fungus making the tummy more acidic. Cottage cheese,feta, goat cheese, mozzarella ricotta, yogurt. Are all good for you.

You should introduce coconut oil into your diet 1 T. Every day
This is a must for those over 40. Its an omega 3. Avoid the omega 6, sesame, sunflower, canola and corn all which contain lectins which will damage your digestive track. I use coconut oil for frying and baking totally. You will fiind that it is a solid at room temperature. Don't let that bug you. It is a middle chain saturated fatty acid and an omega 3. It metabolizes fast in your body. Don't worry about the saturated part.

Most nuts and seeds are OK
Peanut, sesame seeds and sunflowers seeds contain lectins and interfere with insulin production. Peanut contain a toxic fungus and nobody should eat them... Almond ,chestnut ,pecan ,walnuts are really good along with all the others.
Eat Almond butter rather than peanut butter they are very close in taste -- You can buy it fresh at the west Safeway.

Lentils, garbanzos, pintos and black eyed peas contain lectin that interfer with your insulin production all other beans are great Kidney, lima and navy beans are the best for B folk.

Soy is not recommend it for anybody over 40 - it become a psyto-estrogen and we DO NOT need estrogen.

Did you think all vegetables were ok for you– sorry eliminate tomatoes completely. It has a panhemaglutinan and you can suffer strong reactions usually in the form of irritation of the stomach living. All other vegetables are great for B's
Pineapple is particularly good for Bs who are susceptible to bloating. Bromelain an enzyme is the pineapple that helps you digest your food more easily. It is also great for pain. I would take it with your afternoon and evening meal. You should be eating 5 fruits and 5 vegetables everyday to meet the national recommended daily allowance

The best fruits for you are banana, cranberries, grapes, papaya, and plums.
Cherries are great for gout issues.

1 Tab of flax seed oil is recommended daily or just grind your own flax seed in the coffee grinder.

CONCLUSION AVOID tomatoes, gluten products, chicken , pork, and peanuts.


B ‘s are prone to diabetes. This diet and exercise will help you.
B’s get food poisoning easily. Eat probiotics in Kefer daily

Sinus infections are chronic in B folks Avoid the antibiotics they don’t help.

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