Friday, January 7, 2011

#28 Super Sized Vitamins can be toxic

Vitamin Supplements Are Low Mhz
When you look back at the chart “Not all food is created equal”
Vitamins have a very low MHz.
Why is it that Americans take vitamins, minerals, and herbs by the handful and still suffer poor health? You have been introduced to the missing ingredient. LIFE. Frequency and light give life. Only life supports Life and live food gives life. Vitamins don’t.

Think About This… In 1900, the U.S. was in first place as far as health was concerned out of a total of 93 civilized nations. In 1920, the U.S. was in 2nd place. In 1978, there was a drop to 49th place. More than 1 notch per year. What would it be now? Today "vitamins" are a multi-billion dollar industry and our health has steadily worsened. So what good are chemical and synthetic vitamins, minerals, and herbs?

Vitamin - The One Step Magic Bullet Despite a decreasing interest in healthy diets, Americans are using more supplements. Two-thirds of people take them to increase energy, enhance appearance, lose weight, reduce stress, improve fitness, and prevent disease. In other words, supplements are being used to take the place of a high-quality, whole foods diet and healthy lifestyle. They should 'supplement' a good diet, not take the place of it! Diet should be the foundation upon which supplements can be added to assist deficiencies, imbalances, history, circumstances.

Today’s research is focused on trying to use antioxidant or vitamins to fix every disease. In the lab, they make synthetic, beta-carotene. For years the theory was, if one carrot makes you healthy - let us with chemistry super size it. They studied a large group of smokers and to their dismay when they found that the group that received the company’s magic bullet, beta-carotene alone, had a higher incidence of lung cancer than the control group. This led researches and the media to actually claim that beta-carotene was dangerous and should not be taken in supplementation for smokers. The FACTS were that the smokers who had the highest levels of total antioxidants (real live MHz food antioxidants) had significantly less lung cancer. The smokers that used the studies chemical vitamin had more cancer.

Beta Carotene Is NOT A Drug
The same principles apply to supplements. Isolated, separated, and certainly synthetically manufactured substances in supplements do not offer the synergistic punch of whole food concentrates. It is merely a nutrient that is found in food Advances in technology have resulted in the ability to separate parts of whole foods into individual “active” components and, even worse, the ability to artificially imitate an isolated substance. Placed in a pill or powder, these are para-pharmaceuticals, not foods. Laboratory manipulation or synthetic simulation of food substances -unnatural derivatives in fake states - they do not interact with the biochemistry and physiology of the body in the same way that real foods do. Administering such superfluous parapharmaceuticals to malnourished people is tantamount to giving candy to a starving child - the body will use it as best it can, but it will not restore real vitality and wellness.

When one synthetic chemical vitamin is super sized by itself it becomes toxic.
It is a temporary and inadequate “fix” that can cause further imbalances and disruptions. Time and again studies point to whole foods and whole diets as the superior health promoters Real whole food diet, can supply what the body needs, what it can properly use, and what it can choose to absorb according to individuality and present needs.

Scientists and manufacturers love specific compounds that can be easily separated from foods or, better yet, synthesized in the laboratory. They like supplements that can list a certain quantity of a certain substance. They like to state how much of a substance is found in a certain food. They like chemicals that are measurable, exact, constant, and substantial - they are predictable, neat, and uncomplicated as well as pharmacologically- and manufacturer-friendly. On the other hand, nutrients and other substances in real food are unpredictable, inexact, variable, often in tiny amounts, and interactive with all the other ingredients - they are messy, complicated and more attuned to ecological balance of the human system and its environment rather than to a chemist's laboratory.

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.

The benefits from food are from the interaction of the plethora of constituents, not a measured quantity of one or another ingredient. Whole food complexes have much greater function than separated portions. This illustrates the futility and deception of listing the “potency” of a specific nutrient by a fixed number of micrograms or milligrams. And none of the current references can list all of the ever-expanding everyday food components. You can't just measure the beta carotene in a carrot and say that is what makes you healthy. There are 450+ carotenoids or 4000+ flavonoids what about them? Scientists have identified several hundred potentially nutritive components in garlic. One reference addresses more than 1000 unique compounds in food with documented health-related activity. And new discoveries continue to be made. Mounting evidence shows it is the whole food package that best nourishes the body, not the individual parts. Actually, Mother Nature cannot be fooled.

Homework What kind of vitamin's do you have in the bathroom. Go to
and check out the nutrients in one apple. How do they compare to your multi-vitamin?

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