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Don’t Drink Your Milk
American as Apple Pie, milk is considered red white and blue for bones and teeth. The Dairy Industry has spent years indoctrinating the American public that we have to have milk. Is this a factual science truth? Unfortunately, this is misinformation paid for extensively by Milk’s advertising campaign. About 1940 the Meat and Dairy Association started by teaching elementary school children the four
basic food groups and making the food pyramid to sell their products.

Did it work at your house?

Americans drink more milk that any population in the world. If milk and meat give us strong bones we should have the strongest bones in the would. Right?
Wrong we have the highest rate of hip fracture in the world. Hip Fractures are a direct indication of osteoporosis.

Cows Need To Gain 300 Pounds The First Year - Do You?
Cow milk is perfect for the cow, but do we want to grow that much each year of life? Elephant milk, wolf milk, tiger milk and human milk all have marked differences in the content of fat, protein, sugar, and minerals. The composition is consistently different for each animal, and after a very short period of time, the baby stops drinking the milk. Humans are the only species that continue to drink milk after birth.

Human Milk = Blood Minus The Red Blood Cells
In the mothers tummy the baby gets it’s nutrition from the umbilical cord blood and later from the mother’s milk. At birth, the baby has no gastric acid in his tummy, to digest food. At about eighteen months, the eye teeth start to come down through the gums, and Junior’s GI system begins to flow with gastric acid. Once the gastric acid is flowing, even mother’s breast milk will curdle in the tummy, and milk is no longer the perfect food.

Harvard Nurses Study on 78,000 Woman Showed that Milk was healthy or unhealthy ?
What do you think it showed? Milk was Good or Bad?

The Harvard study showed that those who drank cow’s milk were more likely to have osteoporosis and brittle bones. American woman drink 30 times as much milk as New Guinean women, yet suffer 47 times as many broken hips. Dr. Campbell head of the nutritional research at Cornell and the China Project for the U.S. Federal Government reported that osteoporosis tends to occur in countries where calcium intake is the highest and most of it comes from protein rich dairy products. His Chinese data indicated that people need Raw Liquid Light vegetable plant source calcium and not animal source calcium. It is not surprising that there is no osteoporosis and broken hips in China.”

Animal Source Calcium Won’t Help Our Bones
Our bodies can’t assimilate inorganic sources of calcium such as rocks and mineral. Calcium fortified foods and most calcium supplements cone from rock and mineral. This calcium can’t be used and so the body deposits it around the joints, and in the
blood vessels and in the kidney and gallbladder. It is this calcium that causes arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney and gallbladder stones and bone spurs.

Second, when milk is pasteurized it not longer has the benefits it did in the raw form and becomes gluey and mucus forming. Most people don’t have the enzymes necessary to digest the cows milk. Cow’s do – we don’t.

There are many other things that render this calcium useless in the body and cause it not to be absorbed. These things are salt, caffeine, refined sugar, carbonation, aluminum, nicotine, antibiotics and Vitamin A supplements.

Calcium From Vegetables Make Stronger Bones
All raw liquid light green vegetables are high in calcium and have an absorption rate of calcium of over 50% compared to cow milk calcium that is about 32%. Chocolate milk has no absorbed calcium at all -- it’s a total loss for your money.

You Absorb 32% Of The Calcium From Milk
Cows don’t have problems with broken hips.
1 cup of Milk has 194 mgs. calcium, BUT only 32% can be absorbed by YOU.........
Into your body YOU get a grand total of 60 mgs.
You drank 194 mg of calcium but you only absorbed 60 mgs.

32% Of the Calcium from Cow’s Milk is Absorbed - Only
You absorb 50% Of The Calcium From Vegetables
Bok Choy you get 523mg
Turnip Greens you absorb 460mg
Collard Greens you absorb 279mg
Kale you absorb 227mg
1 cup cooked or raw spinach you absorb 129mg
1 cup Broccoli you absorb 91mg
1 baked sweet potato you absorb 89mg
One Cucumber you absorb 54mg
1-cup raw cabbage you absorb 52mg
1-cup green beans cooked you will absorb 50mg
1 cup of beets cooked you will absorb 44mg
1 cup of cauliflower you will absorb 44 mgs.
1 cup of raw broccoli you will absorb 43 mgs.
1 cup of carrots provides 16 mgs of calcium
I bet you never thought of broccoli has a high calcium food?

Why Do You Drink Milk?

Did you know Milk has toxic chemicals added to it?
Another huge reason for not drinking your milk is that to keep a mother cow’s milk producing, a dairy man must shoot up their cows with tons of growth hormones, steroids, and estrogen. Many receive antibiotics because they are in close confined fenced corrals standing in poop.

Pasteurization Kills Enzymes, the fake Vitamins, and Minerals are added.

What exactly is low fat pasteurization milk? It is milk that has been cooked and then all the good stuff is squeezed right out of it. The diary men add back refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup and a bunch of synthetic vitamins and minerals. No enzymes are added back. Your normal digestion uses Lactase for assimilation of lactose, galactase is utilization of galactose and phosphatase for the use of calcium. Pasteurization literally kills these precious enzymes that make milk easier to digest. As old humans, our pancreas is not able to produce these enzymes, or may be over stressed leading to poor health. Why do it to yourself with Milk?

Low Fat Is Dead Of All Nutrients
Many times, we drink low fat or skim milk, without the butterfat. Without the fat, your body can’t absorb or utilize any of the vitamins or mineral in the fluid part of the milk. The butter part of the milk is also the best source of Vitamin A. Again a total loss for your money.

FDA Approved Bovine Growth Hormone
This chemical hormone increases insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) and survives the pasteurization, ending up in your bloodstream and into the bodies’ cells. In the cow, the Bovine hormone frequently causes breast infections leading to antibiotics being administered.

Cows milk is the number one allergic food in this country.
It has been well documented as a cause of of diarrhea, cramps bloating, gas, gastrointestinal bleeding, iron deficiency anemia, skin rashes, atherosclerosis, and acne. Why not drink calcium in the form of vegetables in Raw Liquid Light smoothies?

Is Cutting out the Cow -- Out Of The question?
The question is not -- is it right or is it morally wrong?
It is what is best for your future the future of your kids?
Considering the information you now know –
what is the action that will get you the highest level of health.
BAM Cutting out the COW makes room for more veggies and more healthy proteins like cashews, almonds and walnuts.

Live Milks In A Nutshell
Unlike cow, nut beverages contain no saturated fat, cholesterol, or lactose. However, wait, there’s more. Consider the almond; he is full of protein a great source of calcium copper, fiber, vitamin k, iron, magnesium manganese vitamin E, and zinc.

Allow The Kids To Make Their Own Milk.
For presoaking the nuts (almond, hazelnuts, brazil, or cashew) in water when you go to bed at night. In the morning rinse and recover with fresh water. When you go to use the nut drain and rinse the nut one more time. Nut milk is super easy to make. Put one part nuts to four parts water into the blender and wiz them on high until the nuts are completely broken down. Add 1 T. ground flax seed and 1 t. lecithin granules. Next, pour the milk though a piece of cheesecloth or a big tea fine strainer. You may enjoy adding 1-teaspoon vanilla or orange extract to your milk. For many of my raw smoothies I just leave the pulp right in the blender. Almonds are the only nuts that are known to alkalize the blood. It is high in arginine, an amino acid that boosts the immune system and inhibits tumor growth.

Warm Carob Cashew Almond Milk
Soak ¼ c raw almonds and ¼ c raw cashews overnight. Rinse and drain. Add 3 cups of hot water, 1 T fresh ground flaxseeds, 1 tsp. Lecithin granules, 2 T carob powder, 1 t. cocoa powder, 2 t. agave, 1t. vanilla and wiz

Sweet Crème Fraiche
1 ½ c soaked cashews
1 Tablespoon + 2 teaspoons lemon juice
pinch of salt
3 Tablespoons + 1 t agave
½ c water
Begin to pulse slowly and then turn up the speed. This will look just like whipped cream when your done, but will taste better and be full of calcium and enzymes.

Live Meringue this recipe comes from Café Grateful and their book
“I Am Grateful”
¾ oz Irish Moss (this is dried seaweed and used as a clear thickener)
½ c water
Combine with moss and wiz in the blender until very smooth and thick.
Add 1 c coconut milk
½-cup coconut meat
½ c soaked cashews (at least 5 hours in water)
¼ cup + 1 Tablespoon agave (this is found next to the honey)
1-teaspoon lemon juice
1-teaspoon vanilla
pinch of salt
Wiz this all in the blender until very smooth then add
1 ½ t teaspoon lecithin
½ c coconut oil
Wiz until well incorporated. Pour over fresh fruit and set in fridge for 3 hours until firm.

Tory Long's best whipped cream ever
Tory had us over for dinner and dessert one night, not long ago and served the best
warm brownies and they had the thickest lactose free whipped cream ever. Here is her recipes
1can of Thai brand coconut milk refigerated overnight (the other brands contain
emulsifiers that keep the water and the solid coconut from seperating.) Keeping it cold is to help you seperate the solid from the liquid.
Pour off the liquid and use it for a smoothie the next morning.
Scoop out the solid coconut at the bottem of the can and whizz it in the blender
with a pinch of stevia. This makes up into enough whipped cream for six people.

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