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SMOOTHIES - have been proven to Lower Blood Pressure
Potassium is the key to lowering BP. Raw L.L Smoothies are very high in potassium and very low in sodium. Cardiovascular disease, high triglycerides, and high LDL’s all thrive on sodium. Fast foods are bounding in sodium and low in potassium. By lowering your salt intake and increasing you potassium you get ready to drop the BP.
For healthy BP we want to lower sodium and increase potassium.

Beetroot Juice For Blood Pressure
Several notable studies have explored the effect of beetroot juice on blood pressure. Those who consumed 20 ounces of the juice started to show reduction in blood pressure after just one hour. This action continued for three hours after consumption. After about 2.5 hours, all participants who had the juice began to show significant reductions in both their systolic and diastolic reading. One study found that with borderline hypertension, the intake of raw vegetables decreased blood pressure almost to the same extent as with standard antihypertensive monotherapy. This suggests that diet alone can improve cardiovascular health. The purpose of this book is to increase veggies and fruits. By drinking Raw L.L Smoothies and decreasing your animal products and you will see that high blood pressure drop.

Start with a handful of spinach or chard
2 small beets washed or about ½ cup
2 carrots washed
1/8 purple cabbage or about 1 cup
2 apples
Three inch of a skinny zucchini
1-cup pumpkin without skin
½ stalk celery
Juice all ingredients with champion juicer, toss out the pulp.
Pour the juice from the above foods into 2 twenty-ounce tumbler water glasses. Add 1/4 cup of cranberries
and wiz the berries in with hand blender in the drinking glasses
If you dont have a Champion juicer, you need to ask Santa for one.

Wendy's burrito has 510 of sodium, 0 potassium and 1120 in calories

Wendy's baja salad has 550 of sodium, 0 potassium and 1610 in calories

Chicken Mc'Nuggets have 460 of sodium, 0 potassium and 1000 in calories

Sausage egg McGriddle has 560 of sodium, 0 potassium and 1360 in calories

McDonald's Beef wrap has 410 of sodium, 0 potassium and 990 in calories

Most smoothies have 59 in sodium, 1800 in potassium and 1255 in calories

lets just look at some numbers for vegetables and fruits -- across the board
they incease your potassium and lower your sodium. Just the opposite of fast food.

Potassium in Smoothies
Carrots 355 mgs.
Most vegetables 350 mgs.
One Apple -- 158 mgs.
Banana -- 440 mgs.
Oranges -- 311 mgs.
Strawberries -- 355 mgs
Cabbage -- 172 mgs.
Apricots -- 458 mgs.
Spinach -- 312 mgs.
Zucchini -- 322 mgs.
1/2 oz Chia seeds -- 292 mgs.
1/2 c. raw cashewsw -- 1049 mgs.
1/2 c kifer -- 81 mgs.

Is Saving Money Important To You? Eating food that provides not a single nutrient to you, is costing you big $$$ and costing you your health. Would you want some body to tell you where you could find healthy food for less money? Is saving money an issue? This non-nutrient food can be found on the average person’s table or at McDonald's. It might be costing you $2.50 or $3.95 a pound and your family might eat $15 to $30 worth a night. If this food had absolutely no nutrient value, would you want to save that $15 and spend it on food that gave you 10 more years of quality life and quick energy? I will prove to you that McDonald’s is non-nutrient food. A Big Mac has about as much energy and nutrition as eating a stone. It tastes great. Nevertheless, it's dead. What do I mean by dead? It provides you no nutrients for energy or health.

The drawback is that the plan requires learning completely new eating habits, which many consider drastic. No more bacon and eggs, or an easy drive up McDonald's for breakfast. You can make a double batch Liquid Light Smoothie in the morning, saving time and even have them for lunch. Will you save money by not eating out. No. Smoothies are about the same cost as a Taco Bell lunch, there just 10 times better for you. Dr. Neal Barnard, the author of Food for Life and several other books on health, adds, "But after the first week or two, the plan becomes self-rewarding, because the weight loss and energy is virtually automatic.

Smoothie are Stress Reducing Foods Smoothies will help you relax and reduce the impact of chronic stress while reducing the damage to your body. They will improve blood sugar and insulin control by reducing the intake of refined sugar and carbs while increasing your intake of omega-3 fats, fiber,and a ton of vitamins, ,zinc, and other anti-oxidants. All these nutrients help steroid hormones such as cortisol function properly. The vitamins detoxify excess adrenaline and cortisol so they can be eliminated from the body. The potassium and magnesium from vegetables, maintains the bodies balance of the adrenal glands.

L.L. Smoothies Match what your Genes need for Energy
We were designed to thrive on food, but what the food industry is promoting as "food" does not turn our genes on and promote optimal metabolism. The Dept. of Health and Exercise physiology at Colorado State University states that our diet has changed hugely in recent years but our genes have not. Our genes require:
1. Slowly absorbed carbs (low glycemic - low sugar)
2. An abundance of vitamins and minerals
3. Alkaline foods (vegetables) to keep our blood from becoming to acidic.
4. Low levels of sodium -- keep the BP down
5. Lots of fiber keeps you going------
6. Omega-3 fats and proteins from wild fish, game and plants are needed by Type O
and B blood type people to make their brains think
Fast processed foods work against our genes and promotes obesity and chronic diseases. L.L. Smoothies make it much easier for us to fit into our Jeans.

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