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#25 Pick and Easy Smoothie

Pick And Easy Raw Liquid Light Smoothie Recipe #1

Consider a Cornell University study proving that one red delicious apple containing only 5.7 mg of vitamin C has as much antioxidant capacity as 1,500 mg of chemical synthetic isolated vitamin C made in the lab. A mere 5.7 mg of vitamin C is practically nothing. What makes it pack it punch is when you put it with other real food - It's the synergistic effect of all the phytonutrients in the apple that is doing the job-in this case, the job of antioxidizing.

This is a very basic raw smoothie. We will take this and have fun with it later in other chapter making lots of variation.

First, get out your Champion juicer and juice
2 apples washed
1 orange peeled
The pulp and the juice from the apples and oranges are divided into two 20 ounces smoothie glasses. I use a great big glass because I mix the whole smoothie at the end with a hand mixer, and I don’t want to clean up extra mess before going to work. Getting out the electric blender and washing that gadget is lots of work, this keeps it to a minimum of time and energy. You will use the same glass to drink from.

Next into the juicer goes
1 handful of red Romaine lettuce or spinach
1/8 head of red or green cabbage in big chunks
4 carrots washed but not peeled
(The carrots help to push the greens or lettuce though the juicer)
One small thin 7-inch zucchini
Discard all of the above pulp
Devide and pour all the juice in with your apple and orange pulp and juice

1/2 teaspoon kelp powder for iodine (this is to help my cold feet)
Add 2 Tablespoons ground Flax Seeds
add 1 T chia seed
Hint -- it is for fiber and omega 3’s-- but it is up to you if you want this.

If you are an O blood type or protein type, add 1 scoop of whey protein powder or a raw egg. Wiz with a hand blender (you can buy this for $20 at Wal-mart) this makes two 10 oz shakes

Goals For You From Raw Liquid Light Food
Increase your ability to attract light
Increase your ability to store and assimilate light energy
Increase your ability to transport and communicate energy through the body
Increase nutrients and enzymes to the body
Let Raw Liquid Light work at the simplest levels of your body increasing cellular health

Does IT All Gotta Be Raw ?
Continued factual research shows that prolonged cooking of chlorophyll does decrease its content in food. However, studies also show that quickly steaming vegetables like spinach for a few minutes can actually increase the amount of chlorophyll that can be absorbed into the body. So eat raw veggies as much as you can, if you do cook them your going to be eating roughage that is beneficial, but make sure the bright green color does not fade to olive green when you steam them. The olive green color tells you that the chlorophyll has been denatured and destroyed.

An interesting note – microwaves were discovered back before WW2 in Germany. Hitler outlawed the use and sale of them because they were so deceivingly dangerous. More on that later in the book. So please never put alive green food in the microwave.

Can a 1/2 Cup Spinach/Daily Repairs Damaged DNA, decreasing Cancer? In life, Alfa toxins do come into our body and damage DNA causing cancer. However, this damage can be decreased as much as 55% when eating 1/ 2 cup of any chlorophyll veggies three times a day for four months. 80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium and Chlorophyll-rich veggies are saturated with it. This essential mineral supports the heart, increases brainpower, relaxes the muscles, and increases flexibility, causes healthy bowel movements, and helps build strong bones. It facilitates more than 300 different detoxification processes and elimination processes. It attracts, stores, and conducts the sun's energy in your body. The greater your store of light energy, the greater the power your overall electromagnetic field, and consequently the more energy is available for healing and the maintenance of optimal health.

Chew This Raw Liquid Light Juice
Holly, how can I chew juice? Good question, glad you asked. The idea of chewing juice seems odd. Nevertheless, when juice or food is kept in the mouth and chewed for a short time -- (longer than one chomp) your mouth begins to release an enzyme that allows food energy to be sucked out of the juice. Mastication (this sound like a naughty word) is done by the mouth until the food is transformed into mushy chyme. When a plant is chewed, the juice squirts out of the cellulose and digestion begins. The ptyalin enzyme helps you digest carbohydrates found in the mouth. If you skip chewing, gulping your food down in a second, the food skips this enzyme treatment, bloating, and gas are secondary side effects. So chew/drink the liquid light juice slowly enjoying the flavors. Allow the juice to become warm and as the enzymes work, it will become sweeter in your mouth.

Pack A Smarter Lunch Box
Smoothies give you a possibilty that you have not thought about, with about 200 less calories, less cholesterol and no fat. Whizzing a double breakfast smoothie in the morning saves on time. I don't have to make lunch. I pour 1/2 part into a cup for fast breakfast energy. In the rest of the blender I might add ginger, other spices, 1/2 of an avacado or chocolate to give the whole thing a different tastes for lunch. Another quick makeover could be done by adding 1/2 cup of coconut milk. Another brown bag trick is to skip the sandwich and eat fat free crackers,broccoli, cauliflower, carrots zucchini and celery with vegetable guiltless gourmet tasty dips and a fruit for dessert. Salsa is great example of low carb, low calorie and low fat dip.

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