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#39 Smoothies being studied for CANCER

Raw Liquid Light will effect YOU SEX LIFE

Prostrate cancer certainly a genetic component, but what environmental factors do you think are important? You guessed it. Plant based enzymes rich, high frequency fruits, and vegetables. Animal products give bad results. A Harvard study reviewed 23other prostrate studies – the results – Men with the most intake of dairy had a four-fold increase risk in prostrate cancer. Those with the least dairy and the most fruits and vegetables had the least cancer. Eat your smoothies and have a great sex life.

Skip Liquid Calories
Starbucks has really done a disservice to folks, did you know that the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccinno Blended Creme is 580 calories. Even the Caffe Mocho is 300 calories without whipped cream and with it is almost 400. Most people are drinking these concoctions every day, sometimes several times a day. There's nothing wrong with black coffee, it has only 10 calories per cup. Even that nonfat venti-sized iced vanilla latte will cost you 240 calories, mostly in milk and sugar.

Here's a weight- loss and diabetes tip: Instead of a fancy coffee order a venti iced coffee with sugar free vanilla syrup, than add a small amount of milk (2 Tab.) Total calorie count ? A mere 20 calories -- for the same taste sensation.
The problem lies in the cream, whole milk, whipped cream, caramel sauce and what ever else they dream up to add. Ditto with the smoothies from places like Jamba Juice. Most of these drinks start with canned non-enzyme sugar juices and they are 400 to 500 calories more than my home made liquid light smoothies

Agonizing pain is the first thought, when you mention kidney stones. These stones have crystallized points all over them that cut and snag as it tries to pass down the thin little tube (ureter.) Don’t expect an aspirin to stop your pain. 15% of Americans, mostly men experience these stones that involve calcium and ovalate. Dr. Ronertson of Medical Research council of Leeds has published over 100 papers in the last 30 years on the relationship of food and the stones. Animal products are the culprit. Affluent countries have four to six times the stones. Research shows that simply by shifting the diet away from animal protein the problem is resolved. When the kidney is under high amount of protein or calcium the stones form. Switching from bacon, eggs, and hash brown potatoes fried in butter breakfast to a Raw Liquid Light swirling mass of potential will keep yourself out of your local E.R. Another good trick is to never eat calcium products like ice cream or just plain cream with coffee or tea caffeine (Ice tea included.) The processes little cups of cream at your restaurant table you don't have to worry about -- they don't contain real milk.

Breast Cancer releases FEAR --- smoothies zap free radical damage Research shows less than 3% of cancer can be attributed to family history. I bet you never heard that before? The cancer industry doen't want that little itty bitty number out there........... The vast majority is attributed to genetic fatalism in the women and the national mindset. Medical clinics make tons of money off their Mamo machines. Our x-ray mamo machine paid for the whole department. Doctors encouraging the yearly mamo and made sure every woman came in at least once a year. Ca-Ching $$$ it easy money, and that is what it is all about – not your health. If the TV reminds you that it is Buddy boob check time – it is all about fear and $$$$. Excitement over the BRCA – 1 and 2 genes is just more about fear and $$$. 1 in 500, or 0.2% actually carry the breast cancer gene. Having the gene doesn’t guarantee you will get cancer. A recent paper review 42 studies on the BRCA and found the in BRAC-1 only 65% who had the gene (that 1person in 500) got breast cancer and 39% ovarian cancer. Those with the BRAC #2, only 45% got breast cancer and 11% got ovarian cancer. What is 11% of one equal? One in 5000, women are affected, but your local doctor wants you to rush right out and spend big bucks on this test, that will help keep their lab department busy.

Breast Cancer Factors
Early Menarche
Late Menopause
High levels of Estrogen from meat in the blood (What causes early Menarche)
High levels of Cholesterol in the blood
Raw Liquid Light Smoothies will increase your fruits and vegetables
Lower your estrogen by 26 – 63%
Lower your cholesterol by 30 - 45%

Breast Cancer is centered on the exposure to estrogen. Diet plays a major role in that exposure. This suggests that breast cancer is preventable. The sad truth is most are not aware of this evidence. Why doesn’t the medical field recognize the nutritional origin and then correct it. Breast Cancer is big business. Suggesting diet changes doesn’t’ make the drug companies any money. Looking for new wonder drugs keeps hundreds of people employed. How about a 10K run for fruits and vegetables? BAM The truth will set your free from FEAR of cancer.

THE HEART NEVER GETS CANCER??. Cancer cells lie dormant in a ph of 7.4 but as the body gets alkalized higher and the ph level reaches 8.4 these malignant cells die off. So the answer to cancer lies in an extremely alkaline diet. With the right consumption leading to a high alkaline body ph the cancer cells cannot live in that environment and die off. The next question is can cancer be prevented and cured by consuming a diet with less acid and more alkaline.

How does an alkaline diet prevent cancer?
Such a diet leads to a high alkaline body ph. This high alkaline body ph results in alkaline tissues in the body. Alkaline tissues hold 20 times more oxygen than acidic tissues. Cancer cannot live in an oxygenated atmosphere. If the cells are oxygen rich they will prevent cancer. Therefore while an acidic tissue will be an ideal ground for cancer to develop as well as spread, an alkaline tissue will destroy a cancer cell. Having a lot of green vegetables and fruits along with alkaline water can save you from cancer. To give your body the best alkaline/acidic balance requires one to eat foods that are highly alkalizing while avoiding the acidifying foods. Increasing the vegetables in your smoothies alkalizing your body.

If the body has lots of toxins and eat a diet of meat, carbs and sugar it becomes acidic quickly. As the body gets acidic the immune system gets overpowered and the cell looses its capacity to take in oxygen. Cancer cells being anaerobic cannot live in oxygen. They can only thrive in very low oxygen conditions. When the ph of the body is maintained by consuming an alkaline diet the immune system of the body stays strong. This leads to the cells getting enough oxygen and discarding their toxin waste. Cancer will neither thrive nor take birth under such circumstances. Yea for veggies !!!

Write down your plan on how you will resturcture you eating as to stay healthy and cancer free.

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