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#23 What do green veggies do for me?

What Do Green Superstars Do In Your Body? We have Raw liquid light superstars. These plants are the base of every drink. Plants have the magical ability to photosynthesize energy from the sun to be stored into you every cell. The fresher the food the more energy it has. With each heartbeat, a dose of the body's own electron-rich, highly unsaturated fats from the lymph system, together with lymph fluid, goes into the blood vessels and then into the heart. This constantly stimulates and strengthens anew the electro-motoric functioning of the heart, Even the movement of the bloodstream is connected with radiation of electromagnetic waves. This transmitter within humans is always in action. The tubular arrangement of our nerves all immediately convey a picture of how strong an electric current in a magnetic field. When I begin thinking something positive about a person, this is also related to a radiation of electro-magnetic waves.
Chlorophyll energy is the start of an energized and healthy day. The greener the leaf the more chlorophyll the vegetable contains. Iceberg lettuce is in this chart, not because he is a super star, but because I want to point out how he is waste of money and a total dud nutritionally.

Do you know what kale is?
It is that thick stickery ruffled green stuff on the sides of the buffet bar between the food and the ice. The kids I work with like to call it dinosaur lettuce. As a nutritionist, I would tell you that you should start every drink with Kale, but it is strong and bitter and takes some getting use to. Spinach is good for beginners because he is mellow tasting, unfortunately it contains a bit less nutrients. Therefore, you trade nutrients for taste.

For you gardeners -- Remember when you cut spinach fresh from your garden, it is done producing for that garden year, and will not grow back. One planting of Rainbow or Swiss Chard will provide an unlimited and abundant base for your drinks
all summer long it just keeps growing. Swiss Chard is a no-fail garden food, it grows like rabbits and also just keeps coming back. For beginner smoothies start out with 5 leafs of Romaine lettuce or ten small green leaves of Swiss chard without the stem.

How To Eat Kale in a lettuce salad
Kale has been a challenge for me to eat. I knew it was a fabulously healthy food, but it was like eating dinosaur lettuce and tough as leather. The way it looked and the feel just made me shy away from it. Not until I had been hanging around raw food potlucks did I discover that this food has a secret. Here is how you utilize it.
To make a normal salad you wash the kale, but start by crumpling it into a towel and then mangle, and massage it well like bread dough. Then roll it up as you would a newspaper and cut it into very small pieces. A lemon, garlic, onion and olive oil dressing continues to soften it and to make it to taste more like lettuce. In fact, if you try this you will be pleasantly surprised – it’s great. Mix it in with a variety of other lettuce, but make sure you have massage it extra good and you will not notice him.

In a Raw L.L Smoothie, I use just one large piece of Kale. Remember to remove his spine its very bitter. All the other good fruits and sweet vegetables are going to be added to the smoothies to cover his taste up and you will not know he is there making you healthy.

*******Other High Powered Green Raw Liquid Light Super Stars *****

1.) Lettuce
a. green leaf
b. red leaf
c. romaine
d. butterhead

2.) Swiss Chard
3.) Dino Kale
4.) Spinach
5.) Celery
6.) Collard Greens
7.) cilantro
8.) parley (common or Italian)
9.) Beat Greens
10.) Green Onions
11.) Arugula
12.) Baby Greens
13.) Cabbage
15.) Herbs
a. basil
b. mint
c. dill
d. chives
e. sage
f. rosemary

Good sources of concentrated Raw liquid light are asparagus, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green beans, green peas, fennel. The darker the green the more chlorophyll and the more raw liquid energy it contains for your day.

Dare You ……..??
To Think Outside The Bun
Robert Blankenship, Ph.D., professor of biology and chemistry at the
University in St. Louis is going to challenge you with a big thought (this might be a college level thought – I apologize – you only have to think on it for a short time. Then we will go back to the basics, I just wanted to challenge you a bit.) He and his collaborators at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley are studying food, (which is what biochemistry does) or wave of electrical frequencies. His theory is that humans can use electrical energy for food, not just energy taken from the congealed light of vegetables. Instead of eating a raw liquid light juicer smoothie for breakfast he is proposing that in the future, we will be having electricity for breakfast. We stop for a few sparks at an electrical restaurant. For lunch, you will go through the drive up, and order a few short circuits. This concept should put a new spin on your thinking about dinner. (One thing for sure is there is no cleaning up the kitchen after this type of meal.)

Food Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Another futuristic twist for your brain is to think on, is the claim that color vibrations can feed people. This interesting theory says if you gaze at a specific color in the rainbow, long enough that the frequency will become part of you, leaving the rainbow deprived of that color and pale. You will derive nourishment from the rainbow. Try it and see if you have better luck than I have. These examples are to provoke you to think about normal American eating. Think how much you conform to others ideas about eating.

Go to the grocery store and buy Arugula Lettuce along with your regular lettuce.
Mix the two as a salad and give it a try with all the other veggie goodies you put on a salad and see what you think.

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