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#2 What is a Lectin ?

Lectins What are they? And why are they important to you?

A chemical reaction occurs between your blood and the food you eat. You immune and digestive system still maintain a favoritism for the food that your blood type ancestors ate hundreds of years ago,– odd but a fact.

Lectins are abundant in proteins foods and have a agglutinating properties that affect your blood. Lectins work against your body by making your red blood cells stick together. A bad example of this is when a germs use this super glue to its benefit to stay in your body. Agglutination is a very serious, and potentially life-threatening phenomenon, whereby the red cells in the bloodstream stick together, forming irreversible clumps.

What is so bad about little clumps of red blood cells sailing through the bloodstream?

Red blood cells deliver oxygen to the cells of vital tissues like the brain, heart and kidneys. To accomplish this delivery, red blood cells must flow through capillaries so narrow that they must line up single file. If the red cells are being agglutinated by lectins or anything else, clumps of red cells will clog up the capillaries and block the blood flow. Thus, the blood stream will be prevented from delivering its life-sustaining cargo of oxygen to the tissues served by those capillaries. Cells deprived of oxygen become damaged, and eventually die.

Your eyes are a perfect example of this. Their tiny capillaries are very very small and when oxygen can’t get into the eyes a person begins not seeing well and needs glasses. Another example is the penis, when it doesn’t function to its best a man will need Viagra to help it perform. If you stop the red blood cells from sticking together the problems solves itself.

Many times lectins have characteristics that are extremely close to a certain blood type. Milk looks like B blood, so the A blood type person reacts badly to it, immediately starting the agglutination process in order to reject it.

An type A person eats lima beans, and upon digestion starts releasing hydrochloric acid to dissolve the lima bean. The Lectins is resistant to the acid and doesn’t get digested. It interacts with the lining of the stomach, and gets absorbed into the bloodstream. It travels along in the blood stream until it finds an organ, and disrupts its ability to work. What every that organs purpose was, it does less efficiently or not at all.

In London a man was killed. After the autopsy they found a tiny gold bead embedded in his leg. The bead was cover with Ricin a Lectin form the Castor bean. Ricin is so potent an agglutinin that even an infinitesimally small amount can cause death by swiftly converting the body’s red blood cells into large clots which block the arteries. The killer didn’t have to be a great shot, he needed to just get the Ricin into the body and within hours the man was dead.

Fortunately for us Lectins in food are not quite so life threatening. 95% of the Lectins we absorb are sluffed off , if you have a healthy bowl. If your intestines have diarrhea frequently or constipation this is not considered healthy. The actions of lectins in the digestive tract can be more powerfully seen. Many lectins create a violent inflammation of the sensitive mucosa and mimic food allergies when you eat.

Lectins are extremely blood type specific. This means what affects an O blood type will not effect an A person. So we need to know your blood type...........There is one lectin that effects every blood type in a negative way and that is the nitrites found in hot dogs. This lectin causes cancer in every blood type.

In the lab when you inject a Lectins into the knee joint of a rabbit the immediate results within 2 hours is arthritis. Night shade vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant and white potatoes are very high in lectins and cause suffering in may peoples joints. The lectins interact with the surface receptors of the body’s white cells, causing them to multiply rapidly increasing the pain.

Matching your blood type with your proper food helps your body to:
use its own natural protective immune system to clear your blood of dangerous agglutinating lectins. This knowledge will help you fine tune your body, just like you fine tune a car. The next few lessons will be aimed at making you aware of what food is best for your body.

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