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#22 When not to eat Smoothies

When Is The Best Time To Drink Your Raw Juices ?

The best time to drink your fresh juices is on an empty stomach at breakfast. This is when your stomach hungers for food and would pounce on anything you consume. You may have been told not to eat a citrus fruit or drink its juice on an empty stomach in the morning, because of its acidity. I suggest you try a little bit of a Raw L.L. Smoothie and see if it does give you any problem. I will assure you, after having acid reflux most of my childhood, I would have been the perfect one to have problems. I did not. Once your stomach is conditioned to drinking fruit and vegetable juices, you should not encounter any problem taking citrus products. In fact, I feel that the optimum absorption that Vitamin C does for my skin -- it makes it wonderfully soft. When you mix the acid of a fruit such as lemon with alkaline veggies and kefir, I promise you will not have problems.

FACT Lemons and limes are acidic, but once they hit your saliva they become alkaline. Amazing but true. (not so true for oranges and other fruit)

Type A blood type folk’s seam to have problems with oranges and some other fruits. If this is you – you are going to have to utilize fruits that do not bother your tummy. To get the most from Raw L.L. Smoothies you should always have more veggies anyway. Liquid light has been a spectacular simple miracle for me. Chlorophyll was the portal that allowed the light energy to come in and change my body. Juicing Raw liquid light smoothies, for 10 years has worked to give me more energy and better health, but will it work for you? These are my facts, now it is your responsibility to experiment. If you are Type A use berries instead of acidic fruit like oranges and grapefruit.

When is the Worst Time to Eat?
Leptin is the main harmone that metabolizes you food. It turns off and on Insulin, and Insulin stores the food inside your body. Insulin stores fat as triglycerides. Leptin levels are the highest in the evening hours and work late at night. It coordinates the function of melatonin, the thyroid hormones, growth hormones , the sex hormones and the immune system while carrying out rejuvenation totally while you sleep. It does this while burning fat at a greater rate than at any other time of the day. It job during the night is to take excess fat from the liver, blood and muscles and use it to maintain nutrients to all the bodies systems. It uses up the extra fat you ate during the day. BUT, it does the only if you allow it to do so.

Never Eat After Dinner
Those who frequent the refrigerator and kitchen cupboards or eat in front of the TV will find that they are always hungry at night. This produces a leptin nightmare while you sleep. When it should be depleting the fat from their thighs, or stomach, it can't function because insulin is still working. Remember that it's main purpose is to store.

It is vital to create times during the day when triglycerides are cleared from the blood. If triglycerides build up during the day, they physically impede the entry of leptin into the brain causing leptin resistance and constant hunger. When a person eats a snack in raises insulin, shuts of the fat burning mode and allows triglycerides levels to stay too high for proper leptin function. In turn this causes excessive food cravings, an unstable energy level, poor thinking and unproductive sleep. Snacking sets off a domino effect in metabolism which is devastating to your energy. When individuals do a good job of managing carbs durng the day, triglyceride blood levels are not piled up and back-logged. Now when they go to sleep they will enter the fat burning mode. As night moves on people who eat less carbs end up burning about 60% fatty acids during sleep, the prime fat burning time. These fats come from the triglycerides that are stored in the abdominal , hips and thighs. This is the secret to maintaining a healthy weight and proper energy.

A high protein meal can increase metabolism by 30% for as long as 12 hours -- the calorie burnning equivalent of a two to three mile jog. A high-carb breakfast such as juice, cereal, waffels, pancakes etc does not enhance metabolic rate by more than 4%. High protein breakfast are a must for anyone over the age of 40. High protein meals that are not too large help to reduce the amount of insulin released, as well as enhance the release of glucagon when it is needed to sustain energy between meals. An egg or two tossed into the smoothie or whey protein powder added are great ways to keep your protein just right in the morning.

Homework #1
On one of those late dinner nights --evaluate how you feel at 9PM after just snarfing in a big meal and then starting for bed. How dis you sleep? Do you feel bloated? What is your energy level the next morning?

Homework #2
Evaluate how you feel on your Regular Breakfast VS an easy Raw Smoothie.
Which one gave you a:
Full tummy – too much of a good thing
Gas and bloating maybe from allergies or lack of enzymes
Increased mucus production from fermentation and purification
Sluggish mind and body
Decreases feelings of self worth/ depression

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