Thursday, January 6, 2011

#8 Energy on 1/2 the Calories

Have You Got 5 Hours To Wait For Energy?

10 minutes is all it takes for a breakfast raw liquid light smoothie to go straight from your esophagus, almost intravenously into the blood stream, there 92% of the nutrients will reach the cellular level and be ready to give energy to your organs and bones. Instant kick-but energy. Most cooked breakfasts are 1 to 50% absorbed in the intestines over a period of five hours. Do you want to wait half the morning before you get a bounce in your step and your brain fog to leave? These quick and easy recipes will give you concentrated energy NOW. They require minimal energy from you and give maximum whump to the body, you feel great. Change your breakfast to a Liquid Light smoothies and you switch from the S.A.D. American diet with its diseases to health.

Want Energy On Half The Calories?

Raw Liquid Light is your ace, in a glass. Cooking and processing food destroys the vitamin and minerals, by altering the foods shape and chemical composition. 6 pounds of cooked cabbage cannot furnish the same vital organic food value as drinking 1/8 cup of straight raw cabbage juice. Raw Liquid light smoothie’s uses many fresh foods so imagine the jump-start you are going to get while consuming far less calories than your high carb breakfast. Are you wondering what cabbage juice tastes like? Wonder no more, Liquid Light smoothies taste just like an Orange Julius. Kids love them, and will chose them over pancakes any day.

Can't Afford A Healthy Diet?

Many studies find that when families switch to “a balanced, whole food nutrient dense diet,” overall costs do not go up. After a year, most families are actually spending much less on food than they did before the study started. Switching from nonfoods to real foods can shave money off your grocery bill. Americans spend about 15 cents out of every food dollar on fruits and vegetables, but almost 19 cents on bakery items soda, candy, gum, and mints. Make the switch have a quality long life!

The American Diet Is Killing US!!!

Let's face it science has giving us the worst health in the world, and we are only getting sicker. Science proclaimed they had cracked the secret to food when they made vitamins. It didn't keep us healthy. Nutrition science paid for by food manufactures put out hundreds of new processed food products that would give us health. They didn't. But the manufacturing companies made boco money. Massive federally funded science experiments continue to tell us exactly what to eat, only in six months to tell us just the opposite. (High protein/low protein.) Following the Doc's advice we at lots of foods endorsed by the Heart and Diabetic ass. -- such as low fat pork, low fat cookies, low carb beer and whole wheat white bread. What happened? Many gained weight, had heart attacks and died.

Doc's rate their treatments as harmful or efficacious John Ioannidis is one of the world's most important experts on the credibility of medical research. He stated "His team of researchers have repeatedly shown that many of the conclusions in biomedical research are 90 percent of the published medical information relied on by doctors is flawed or incorrect. Research has massive conflict of interest , which invariable invalidates the studies, but all this in not reported by the company when it advertises their products on TV or at their conventions when they indoctrinate the docs.

"The British Medical Journal's "Clinical Evidence" analyzed common medical treatments to evaluate which are supported by sufficient reliable evidence (BMJ, 2007). They reviewed approximately 2,500 treatments and found:

46 percent were efficacious or harmful

Four percent were likely to be harmful or ineffective.

Six percent were unlikely to be beneficial

Eight percent were as likely to be harmful as beneficial

Twenty Three percent were likely to be beneficial

Only 13 percent were found to be beneficial and effective

What is happening in countries without such wonderful advice?

Lets look at a crowded rural community with poor hygiene where most homes don't have electricity. There are no doctors and little medicine. Shockingly there is a far lower cancer mortality and lower incidence of other physical and mental diseases among the Sinhalese. Their immune systems put ours to shame by a long shot. The extremely low death rate of the Sinhalese would be much lower yet if so many weren't killed by violence and food poisoning (38.6% per 100.000, which is their second leading cause of death). The high rate of food poisoning is due to poor hygiene and the absence of refrigeration in a tropical climate. In SriLank, what do they eat? a small amount of meat and carbohydrates, lots of fruit and vegetables.

Cancer mortality overall in Sri Lanka is 7.5 times lower than the U.S.

Colon cancer mortality in Sri Lanka is 187 (!) times lower than in the U.S.

Prostate cancer mortality is over 137 times lower.

Lung cancer mortality is 39 times lower in Sri Lanka than in the U.S.

Breast cancer mortality is over 20 times lower

Leukemia mortality is over 5 times lower.

(Source: World Health Statistics Annual (1996); WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) Does it make you mad that we spend millions more dollars on research, vitamins, and drugs and we are the sicker?

America is #49 in Health We dropped from #5 in 1950
Research has revealed that more than two thirds of all deaths in the United States are diet related. More than 50% of all deaths are caused from coronary occlusion, blockage of the blood flow to the heart and/or the brain. All the scientists and food manufactures are not keeping us free of disease. My recipes will help you skip the fancy doctors offices that are full of equipment, tests, or drugs. You will begin to save thousands of dollars and never have to face obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Are you sick? Do you want another option? Do you want the energy of a kid? If you apply this nutrition, in four short days you will see a complete shift in your energy. How can I be so sure? It just happens to everyone I work with, in a short 4 days. When was the last time you popped out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tail pain free? All this, has been gleaned from a host of experts, my food science and nutrition and nursing degrees. There are years of traditional medicine plus tons of complimentary health ideas tucked away in each page and it will surely change your families health, as it did ours. The result is a battle plan against gluten intolerance, obesity, diabetes and coranary heart disease. Simply, its easy, fast and delicious.

Any Health Area That is NOT Filled with Break though is Our Target Today

Gary S. called me up on his third repeat visit to the ICU in Greeley, vomiting blood and in terrible pain. Within three days of starting on Raw Liquid Light Smoothies, the ulcer pain stopped and he began to heal. Now his parents and kids never miss their morning smoothies and the whole families nutritional problems have ceased.

Brad T. was cancelling his trip to India due to chronic digestive problems. Every time he ate, he had diarrhea. After just one week on the Raw Liquid Light, he went to India and did not have a single problem.

Denise S. had problems getting up before noon and had a sore body all the time. After one week on raw food she actually scared her husband one morning, he had never seen her up before six A.M.

Chronic constipation for 40 years had been George’s complaint, within a month of drinking light light smoothies he was buying more toilet paper. No more bloating or painful deer size bowl movements.

Sam's doctor wanted him to start insulin. Four days of LL smoothies and all his blood sugar numbers had returned to normal, he was thrilled -- no shots were ever required.
One month later his cholesterol and triglycerides had drop significantly.

Jeff's total cholesterol count went to 89 mg/dL and he cut his LDL from 98 mg/dL to 38 mg/dL.

Do you need a break though in your health?
What are you going to do about this problem?
A. Talk it to death
B. Deny its importance
C. Give it over to someone else
D. Look for a positive solution
Will cutting out the carbs and excess meat and adding a few more vegetables a day make a change for you?

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