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#16 Secret Weapon #3

Secret weapon #3 -- Frequency
What Does my Scuba Diving Have To Do With your Food?
Before traveling to Cozumel, I had the knowledge and the book telling about scuba diving. Jumping out of the boat and sinking down 100 feet into the bottomless dark Davy Jones locker, opened my wisdom to an unseen awesome world. The fish and coral were there all the time; I just had little knowledge of its wonders. Lets open your world up to the electricity of food and how it provides energy for you.

Food Is Not A Solid But A Vibration
IT is blinking in and out at a frequency of 44,200 slices of memory per second, your digital audio player is an example of a duel nature of touchable matter and untouchable electricity. These vibrations have a measurable rate of electrical energy flow going between two points and they are called Hertz frequencies. Bio-photons emissions are electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum –that's light. All living cells of plants, animals, and human beings emit bio-photons that cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment. It is matter that vibrates to you, that feels physically solid. That which vibrates at speeds exceeding light is called energy. This energy can be measured by frequencies using an oscilloscope or wavelengths using a frequency meter.

You Are A Citizen Of Two Distinct Dimensions?
The entire universe is in a state of vibration and each thing generates its own frequency, which is unique. Acupuncturists have known about human vibrations for generations. Those with the most solar energy were healthy and those with Basset Hound energy were sick. You are blinking in and out right now, at 200,000 times a nano-second. Bio-photons are going into your body and electrons are coming out. Without mental understanding, your body is energized. You swim with energy, and are intelligently organized and intricately beautiful. You are a citizen of two distinct dimensions. You are matter and untouchable electricity. Your brain is 97% bio-photon transmissions and only 3% genetically filled information. Let us imagine that we could shrink your body down to microscopic size, and take a look around inside you. Your nuclear reactors (nucleus by name) would have electors floating around. The number and shape of these electrons and their orbits, would give you your vibration frequency. Your insides under the microscope would not be solid. Instead, there would only electrons and endless energy rotating around in waves, vibrating at super incredible speeds.

Get ready to be a Spark?
Seeing takes place in the brain, not in the eyes. Assuming you have a healthy body the light beam comes into the front of the eyes and tickles the nerve cells in the retina. The nerve cells convert the light into electrical impulses and whizzes them deep into the brain via the optic nerve. Along the way, you could use an EEG machine to measure the electrical impulses in the brain, or we could pick up bio-photon activity in the heart with an EKG machine or an MRI when the muscles respond in the arm. They all measure energy. Nobel Prize Dr. Szent-Gyorgi tells us our bodies are full of bio-photon energy stored in itty-bitty batteries. When we are charged up, we are healthy. When people are sick, the battery energies have all been discharged. When scientists study electrons, they find it very complex, because they blink off and on. But this is all biochemistry information. You do not need some geek Einstein person talking complex physics to you. You just need to know how to get more energy and be healthy. That is what I want to teach you

You won't long remember what I say.. But you will never forget how it makes you feel
1. Identify key cellular processes that are the root of disease, and which ones
affect you, as we get older.
2. Find out how to stop disease before it starts.
3. Choose food that makes you have energy and health.

Let’s Fill You UP -- With Bio-photons
Biophotons are the smallest physical units of light, which are stored in, and used by all biological organisms – including your body. They are characterized by an extremely high degree of order and can be described as a type of biological laser light, which is different from ordinary light. Its high coherency lends the bio-photon waves to create order, while ordinary light is chaotic and simply transmits energy. When you eat plant foods, the light waves (photons) are assimilate into the cells in your body activating chemical and mechanical energy in our bodies.

Are You Ready For A Quantum Leap In Eating?
Sunlight is vital.
Without the sun, there is no life. We notice very clearly what a revitalizing effect sunlight has on our body and spirits when, after a long winter, we enjoy the first rays of spring sun. However, we can absorb sun’s energy via our food as well as through the skin. The latest research shows that in addition to the chemical composition of the food you put in your mouth, that the raw liquid light bio-photons are an important quality in your food. The more liquid light in your food, the more you store it, the more energy the food is going to give you. Naturally, grown fresh vegetables that are sun ripened are top notch. Factual science says your foods ability to store these bio-photons is in direct proportion to your quality of health and energy.

Light Is Your Umbilical Cord To YOUR Health And Energy
The old way of measuring the energy content of food was calories. We want to forget the calorie-counting thing. We know now that wild organic food gives off twice the liquid light that cultivated organic food does. Cultivated organic food gives off 5 times more bio-photons energy than commercially grown food. Cooked food gives off no bio-photon at all. It is Dead. You Big Mac from McDonald’s is really dead.

What Makes A Flashlight Work - Can It Give You Energy?
Research shows that only uncooked foods are able to increase the bodies’ cell battery potential. No other living thing in nature has a higher accumulation of sun’s electrons, than raw food. Your brain picks-up the vibrations, and interprets these messages according to its programming and the laws of physics. Our mental and physical health depends on our ability to attract, store and conduct electron energy, all this is essential for your well-being. The more liquid light energy you store, the more overall electromagnetic you become and consequently the more jumping jack alive you will feel.

Raw Food Is NOT Converted Energy --- It Is Energy
Having a duel nature, people, and food are made up of matter and light or electrical frequencies. The green cabbage leaf has a mass of stored energy that can be calculated at the speed of light (300,000,000 meters per second) squared. Quantum Physics says that the energy does not travel though your system, but that it jumps
from point to point. The raw cabbage gets his energy from the sun, he stores it for you, and the exchange happen when you eat him. Metabolism is a Greek word, for the exchange of the sun’s liquid light energy with our physical body when you eat fruits and vegetable food.

What Does Energized Mean for you?
Energized refers to the chewing and metabolic exchange of energy from food that is highly vibrational. Nerve signals are, in fact, electrical charges. Communication with your brain, your heart, and all the organs through your body is done with currents. What is an EEG? Its a machine that measures electrical wave given off by your brain. The holographic bio-photon field of the brain is thought to be your memory. An EKG is the electrical output of your heart. The energy all comes from the sun through your food. The energy is turned into ATP and then becomes fuel for your body and it is measured by a machine hooked to your body at the doc's office.

What Blocks YOUR Energy Transmissions?
Research shows that the light emissions of healthy people follow a set of biological rhythms by day and night and also by week and month. However, the light emissions from cancer patients had no such rhythms and appeared scrambled, which suggests that their cells were no longer communicating properly. Lack of energy and blockages are signs of disturbance in this flow. These disturbances can occur on all levels, in the tiniest atomic particle of the cells, or in the organs or the psyche. Hence, any disease can be interpreted as a manifestation of a loss of information or communications within the body!
Chlorophyll's Guarantee To You? Chewing and digesting breaks food down into itty-bitty particles called “colloidals.” These nutrient particles are then carried to the cells via electrical charges. During digestion, lower energy (MHz) foods become all used up, with nothing left to give your body. Dead food has no MHz left when it gets to your cells. Hungry body organs do not remove waste properly and the toxins increase, no longer having the energy to function properly the body starts to age or becomes diseased. A prime example of this would be a single guy who worked hard and ate a ton of dead fast food for years. His pancreas became overworked, and stopped working. He became a diabetic. Why? The tiny nuclear reactors in his body sent out wild uncontrolled energy (Free Radicals) without any protection. Fast food without vegetables and fruit gave his body no protection from the wild uncontrolled free radicals and his organs aged and became unhealthy. His organs were missing the raw living light food (MHz) to communicate and work efficiently.

Which Foods Store The Sun Energy The Best?
Chlorophyll is the green pigment molecule in plants that is responsible for absorbing the sun’s energy from photosynthesis. Interestingly, the chlorophyll molecule in plants is chemically similar to hemoglobin found in your human blood. The only difference in the two molecules is that the central atom is chlorophyll is magnesium, whereas in you, it is iron. Just think a few short months ago, that fruit was somewhere up in the sun.

Make a list of vegetables you HATE and a list of those you like but have not eaten in 10 years. When you go to the store next time buy one that you like but just have not eaten for awhile.

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