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#38 Are your medical answers FOR SALE?

The latest study published in Health Affairs revealed that the United States now ranks 49th for male and female life expectancy worldwide, a ranking that has fallen sharply from fifth place in 1950. At the same time that life expectancy has been declining at faster rates than many other industrialized nations, per capita health spending has been on the rise. Specifically, U.S. per capita health spending rose at nearly twice the rate of other developed countries between 1970 and 2002, which means the U.S. spends more than twice the amount on health care as other developed nations. American medical care is the most expensive in the world, and what do we get for this "price?"

Is Academic Medicine For Sale?

Drug companies don't do real health research. The only type of research that is funded and recognized is investigation into drugs. The AMA says that the only thing that heals is drugs (so if acupuncture, herbs, or nutrition healed you it just didn’t happen.) Do you believe that all the pink breast cancer people are looking for a way to heal Cancer? They are not looking for the cure to the disease. They are looking for chemicals that their company can produce that will make them millions -- that will cure it. So when you give them your hard earned $$$ it is only to put drugs money in their pocket.

Science journals are merely little more than marketing vehicles for the drug companies. Doctors are the principal salespeople of the drug companies. They are rewarded with research grants, gifts, and lavish perks. The public - from infants to the elderly - MUST be thoroughly medicated and any cost! Why do the authorities forbid alternative medicine? Because they are serving the industry, and the industry cannot make money with herbs, vitamins, and homeopathy. They cannot patent natural remedies. That is why they push synthetics. They control medicine, and that is why they are able to tell medical schools what they can and cannot teach. Research on the cause of disease and non-drug interventions simply doesn’t occur in medical educational settings. The medcial journals primary income comes from the advertisements of drugs, of course. When I have tried to talk to doctors about nutrition they say to me, “Get serious about medicine, that diet stuff is granola hippy quack stuff.” One doc told me it was witchcraft.

Dr’s Egos Are Enormous

“I’ve had one doctor ask, “Do you think you can heal heart disease with Swiss chard and broccoli?” They know they personally, can’t fix the problem so they become very defensive. The real facts are they are making a fortune doing heart surgeries and they don’t want me to take that away. Most hospitals make 80% of their money off heart patients. It is far easier to document and quantify procedures for reimbursement than it is to document and quantify lifestyle changes that prevent the need for such procedures in the first place.

Dr Favaloro said, "there is an unreasonable gap between the medical enthusiasm devoted to acute interventions and the meager efforts currently devoted to secondary prevention." There will always be a situation in which a patient with unstable coranry artery disease will require urgent bypass or intervention, but I am convinced that imporved nutrition , we can spare a growing majority of patients from procedures that don't last. Dr. John Cook of Stanford Univeristy says " Angioplasties hardly ever save lives, and do nothing to cure heart disease. In my opinion it is far better and well within our abilty to restore health by the dietary approach. Angioplasty should be reserved for emergency situation only."

17 Years Behind
Dr. Bill First, U.S. Senate Majority leader recently lamented "It takes an average of 17 years for doctors to adopt widley the finding of basic research." What he was saying is that the average doc hasn't got the latest info. This information in the book is not being used at any doc's office. His practice has not cought up with science. He is too busy to read tons of research papers, his only source of daily constant persisitant input is the drug representatives who's job it is to sell him on the newest and latest way for their company to make money.

Google -- Fix Diabetes in 30 days....... it's being done...
The good news is that although this disease accounts for almost half of the annual death toll in the western nations from all causes, it is, in most cases, curable, permanently, quickly, economically, completely and often easily and by natural means. This means little or no reliance upon synthetic designer drugs and no ineffective medical treatments for symptoms, while causal agents remain untreated.

The bad news is that the orthodox medical community cannot afford to cure this disease. It forms a financial backbone to the entire orthodox medical establishment. Should an effective cure be popularized, the resulting financial impact to the medical business, the drug business, several of our tax free foundations and a large part of our food processing industry would be severe. Many hospitals would close and many doctors, notably heart surgeons, would soon need to find another line of work. Many drug companies and a large part of the food industry would have to either shut down or greatly change their way of doing business. I had a doc make a cliants of mine named Trish repeat after him -- " I am a diabetic, I'm going to be a diabetic all my life and I'm going to have to take insulin forever." Trish never went on insulin and today lives a normal diabetic free life.

Dr’s are Demonstrating Dramatic Heart Disease Reversal
They are removing carbs and and increasing fruits and vegetables. Cardiologisst who follow this have peer-reviewed data prove that heart disease may be arrested and reversed though changes in diet and lifestyle. 4 billion of this world's 5 billion people eat less meat, and more vegetables and fruit. This diet is the standard fare for the rest of the world where they don't have our chronic ailments. You have a clear choice. You can use drugs and have invasive surgery that will do nothing to cure heart disease OR you can arrest and reverse the disease and improve your life by changing your diet. Do you want another option? Do you want to arrest and reverse your disease?

If three servings lowers Your risk by 22%, the benefits can add up fast to 100%.
2060 people between 65 to 90 were studied for the effects of animal VS vegetable diets on cognifive performance and strokes. What was found was that plant based, high frequency, live food was optimal for brain function. All partisipants had better short term memory. Low levels of Vitamin C were linked to poor cognitive performance on written tests. Research concluded that for every three additional servings of fruits and vegetables a day, the risk of stroke would be reduced by 22%. Three servings is less than you think. This study used ½-cup peaches, ¼-cup tomato sauce, and ½ cup of broccoli or one potato. Half a cup is not much food. The men in this study who consumed the most fruits and vegetables consumed as many as nineteen servings a day. If every three servings lowers Your risk by 22%, the benefits can add up fast to 100%. (J. Nutr. 111 (1981):553-562.)

How Can You Have The Same Results?
It is return to Rule #1.......It is not rocket science – it is easy -- Decrease the animal and refined carb products in your life and start drinking liquid light smoothies.

Medicine Is Hooked On Drugs
Many of the doctors I worked for got free meals, free entertainment, free travel, and free airline tickets. The drugs companies have conferences in lovely places such as Cozamel or Hawaii. The company pays for everything and the conference speakers are little more than sales reps for the drug company. Nevertheless, the doctors’s have a great week’s vacation and pay nothing or write everything off as training expenses. The companies don’t forget the doctor’s wives either; there are plenty of free gifts and vouchers for shopping. I have umbrellas, coffee mugs, note pads, tons of stuff with the drug company's name on it that my doc had too much of.

Big Medicine – Who’s Health Do You Think They Are Promoting?
Most of the confusion about nutrition that has been created is legal, done in a fully disclosed way by unsuspecting, well-intentioned people. The most damaging aspect is that they put their spin on the little bit of truth that is real. A little truth makes it sound like the whole thing is the truth. The industry has spent millions of dollars making sure you can’t perceive it. That’s what we call advertising. CA-CHING Scams, tricks and outright lies are as old as snake oil.

Lycopene Heals Cancer
You have probably heard of it. It is true and has been reported that people who eat tomatoes have a lower risk of prostrate cancer. Industry zeroes in on the lycopene found in tomatoes, not the fact that tomatoes healed cancer. The media needing hot juicy info. climbs on board and proclaims the great news everywhere. Suddenly it escalates and everyone knows that lycopene stops prostrate cancer 100%. Google reports more than 1361 scientific publications on lycopene and cancer and 876,000 articles that talk about it in general. BUT -- Quietly information has started to come out disproving all the hype.

Here is the spin.
Study after study shows that real live red tomatoes with lycopene do decrease prostrate cancer, but there is some doubt that the isolate chemical of lycopene will do the same ?? There are thousands of chemicals in a tomato. Science just can't prove that the isolated lycopene will do what a tomato can do for you. However, the lycopene business is up and running full throttle. Vitamin companies will stage hundreds of studies and word their conclusion very deceptively to their advantage. Tons of advertising will say that they have proved beyond a doubt that their product will decrease cancer? The big problem is that your body recognizes the tomatoe as healthy. It is matabolized as good. The synthetic lycopene molecule that is made in a lab is not recognized by the body and it is matabolized as a toxic strange molecule.

Who has more Vit C? one orange or 1 cup of broccoli?
Would it surprise you to know that there are many fruits and vegetables that have way more Vit C, than an orange? One cup of strawberries, pepper, broccoli, and peas have much more. Ningxia berries have three times as much. Papaya’s has four times as much. Don’t get tricked into thinking that the vitamin department is the health section at your store. It is NOT. The best nutrition is found in the fruits and vegetables or produce section.

Acute Medicine Is The Place For Doctors
Having a serious car accident or trauma requires a doctor, but for cases of cancer, arthritis, allergies, or any other degenerative disease you need to refocus your cell health. Conventional Medicine Doesn’t Have A Clue. Prove it? You say, I’m glad you asked. Has conventional medicine cured Diabetes?

There are estimated seventeen to twenty million diabetics in the USA, being one eighth of our population. Spending $132 billion on medical care and lost wages yearly, many loose eyesight, have heart complications, kidney disease, and amputations. 95% of these diabetics are Type 2, with 80% of them being hugely obese. 1% of Americans had diabetes a century ago according to the Center for Disease Control. Bertrand E Lowenstein M.D. reported in his book "Diabetes."

Who Have The Most Complications?
The death rate from diabetes among doctors was reported to be 35% higher than that of the general population. Robert Young, in the book "The PH Miracle for Diabetes" reported that docs have the worst consequences from being diabetics. He says the doctors follow their own treatment programs more strictly. So What Does This Say? SIMPLIFYING COMPLICATIONS IS THE FIRST ESSENTIAL OF SUCCESS --Now does it make sense if you have a problem with carbohydrates – to eat processed carbohydrates?

The Third Grade Answer
When a doctor tells his patient to continue to eat the problem, we think he his God. (Most folks like to hear they don’t have to make any changes) Would any diabetic be willing to try a small experiment like not eating any processed white carbs for a week, to find the solution. No bread, noodles, rice, potatoes, pasta, cookies, cakes, sugar processed desserts, bananas or grapes. (Be sure and have your doc. watch your blood sugar levels and adjust your insulin accordingly) In most people, it usually only takes about four days, the insulin requirement drops, and the panaceas moves toward functioning better. Robert Young and many other clinics in the United States are putting this simple thought into practice and have found amazing. His book “The PH Miracle for Diabetics” is worth reading – guaranteed to lower any Diabetics insulin requirement.

You will become an intellectual threat to your doc..........
It is something, more than just money. It may be an intellectual threat that the patient should be in control, and not the doctor; that something as simple as food could be more powerful than all the knowledge of pills and high–tech procedures; it may be the lack of nutritional education in medical school; who knows. The bottom line is that the medical industry is not protecting anybody’s health but their own. Nobody is looking out for you, but you. A fool and his money and his health are soon parted.

Will you take responsibility for you?

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