Friday, January 7, 2011

#20 Do you have bad DNA?

Do You Have Bad DNA?
Everyday some sick person tells me that they have no hope. Their mother had cancer and now they have it. I have had folks tell me Grandma has Alzheimer’s and based on that information their kids are going to get it also. Can voodoo do any better? Why do people accept this kind of information without a fight. (becuase we have been taught this by the TV) This kind of thinking is encouraged by the drug companies to keep their pockets full. This makes their building payment. You keep coming back to see the doctor on a regular basis for x-rays and labs test just to see how things are going. Most doctors will not renew your medications without a check up. Just about every TV advertisement is about drugs and their side effects. The TV preaches that illness is an expected part of growing older. It is just part of the American way we all know and love. Claude Bernard said, “It is what you think you know already that keeps you from learning and being set free from mis-information."

Will You Choose To Die VS Changing Your Diet?
Tons of research proves that 16% of your health comes from DNA the other 84% is from your diet. 84% of your DNA is healthy, fabulous regenerative repair service that is working to take care of you. Yet I have tons of patients that say – I cannot help it. I am going to get this disease or that. I have no choice. It is your choice to take pills that will never fix the underlying cause. Choosing a pill also allow you to continue to eat unhealthy. Hundreds have told me that they hate vegetables - its just too hard to change. People hate change, Will you be one to die rather than eat different. There are no incurable diseases, there are just incurable patients.

Homework Think about the 90 million possibilies that are found in one sperm. You could have had red hair from one grandpa or black from the from one side of the family. How many chances are there of getting one kind of health or another?

BAM DNA is only responsible for a tiny bit of your health. The DNA from you parents is not the most important thing in your health. You lifestyle and you diet are 84% of your future. Your thinking everyday is the truth that sets you free from mis-information. Family generations DO NOT predestine you to be sick. Recognizing this lie will take the blinders off your eyes. If you will just questian this information about predesination the cash register amount will change and your bank account and your life will be
so very different.

CA-CHING Longevity is going to save tons of money on health care.

To assimilate this extra ordinary metaphysical empowering information and have it work for you -- All you have to do is try it. Five days will show you the change. The mathematical action behind the utilization of the nutrients is like taking candy from a baby. IT JUST WORKS! Simply recognize the sanity of the knowledge presented, grow up, and do it.

Keep a journal.
Some say it is silly, stupid – others too difficult. We have all had teachers draw red circles around our spelling and grammar. Forget all that. Buy a clipboard and hang it on a nail in the kitchen with a pen. Two hours after a meal write one quick sentence. Write down the days you feel the worst and what you ate. Just describe how your tummy feels. One weekend we worked up in Wyoming for a family who was buying a mountain cabin. We stopped in Laramie to buy gas and the family bought McDonalds value meals for all. I have never eaten a McMuffin, but they bought me one. On the way home, we had Burger King hamburgers for a late lunch. The next morning I simply wrote -- 4 pounds gained, 4 inches of bloating on my stomach and throat gurgled all night. Keep your journal simple. When you know how bad you feel after dead food then you compare it to live smoothies. It is simple and your the boss........

Don’t Let Anybody Pronounce Sickness Over You
Listen To Yourself -- Nobody knows what you are experiencing - Do not let others tell you how you feel. Be ready to deal with disdain and patronizing righteousness of experts. Only licensed practitioners have the right to diagnose and they feel they know everything. Don’t make them almighty god when they are just as likely to make mistakes as you or I.

Drop the BP, Cholesterol and Insulin
After eating these raw smoothies you are going to feel better, your body will be less acidic, more alkaline, and changes will naturally just come. Many people have huge changes in their medication and their health. Do not let authoritarian opinion deter you.

If you could be a little mouse eavesdropping on a conference open only to licensed doctors, you would hear clashes of many scientific belief systems, one against the other. I have been in hundreds of conferences where all the doctors have stated that they do not have a clue what to do with a certain patient.

NONE of them knew what was to be done.

Then the attending doctor would go into the patient’s room with total authority and speak a diagnosis over the patient. He would put on a good front saying he knew it all (when all six doctors, seconds ago out in the hall had just said they did know what to do.) Don't accept the medical records diagnosis.

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