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#27 Raw food half the calories

Is Your Food Dead As A Doornail?
Doing a fourth grade science experiment Jessie planted one roasted almond and one raw almond that had not been cooked. If a Scientist had inspected the almond seeds under the microscope, both would have the exact amount of Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Copper, and Magnesium. Both were healthy, nutritious, and ready to plant. Jessie watered them for about a month,

Homework Question
Which one do you think has the MHz and energy to grow?
The raw almond
The roasted almond

#1 The cooked almond never grew in four days of watering the seed began to rot.
#2 The raw almond started germinating that afternoon and had shoots coming up through the soil is ten days. Major plant growth was seen in fourteen days.

What Does This Mean To You?
The cooked almond had its raw liquid light source energy destroyed. The enzyme within the seed to make it grow, was killed at 118 degrees of temperature. Its MHz was a big fat zero. If you ate the cooked almond, it would taste great. The best decision for your energy and health would be to spend your money on the raw almond.

Malia Long’s Fifth Grade Science Experiment
Twenty four Hibiscus seeds were put into each box with dirt
Box 1 All seeds watered with tap water
Box 2 All watered with Micro-waved water
Box 3 All watered with “Smart water” distilled
Box 4 All watered with boiled, and then cooled
Box 5 All watered with diluted coffee water, cooled


#1 Winner Boiled Water with the most healthy plants
#2 Winner Tap Water with a few healthy plants
#3 Runner up was Coffee Water a few healthy plants
#4 Middle Looser was the microwave 100% died
#5 Distilled ”Smart Water” 100% died very early

Homework question?
What is wrong with the distilled water or the microwave water?

Is Your Micro Wave Killing Your Food?
The microwave vibrates the food molecules at levels they are not designed to experience. Most food zapped in the microwave looses up to 97% of the beneficial chemicals it contains. A study published in the November 2003 issue of the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture found that micro waved food will not loose water but will lose 97% of the stuff that give your energy and health while being cooked. By comparison, steamed broccoli will lose 11% or fewer of its antioxidants.
Microwaves Forms Plastic Out of Food

Besides the loss of nutrients, microwaving forms new compounds (radiolytic compounds) that are unknown to humans and nature. Concrete evidence of the dangers of microwaves comes from Dr. Hans Hertel, a Swiss food scientist, who carried out a small but high-quality study on the effects of microwaved food on humans. His conclusions were clear and alarming: microwave cooking significantly altered the food‘s nutrients enough so that changes occurred in the participants‘blood after he had eaten the food.
These changes suggested deterioration.
The changes suggest more white blood cells which can suggest poisoning.
There was in increased cholesterol level.
There were decreased numbers of red blood cells.
There were an increase in production of rediolytic compounds unknown in nature. There was a decrease in hemoglobin levels which would indicate anemic tendencies.

My daughter in law works at the hospital drawing blood. All blood is refrigerated. However, before being putting it back into the body it must be warmed. Jackie says that all hospitals have a law that blood cannot be warmed in a microwave. In the past when this was done - the blood protein was denatured (made abnormal) and it killed the patients.

How Does This Affect You? Just like food our lives, are very perishable. When it is exposed to temperatures above 98.6 degrees, it starts to rapidly break down. If you nuke your vegetables, or bake them in a casserole - you waste your money. Steaming, without changing the green is the best use of your money.

BAM -your health is most important
Homework Question 6 Will Cooked Carrots Grow?

To vividly show the difference between a food that is DEAD and one that is ALIVE, try this little experiment. Go to the market, purchase 5 RAW carrots, and bring them home. At home, cut a half-inch piece off of the stem end of that first RAW carrot, place it in a shallow basin of water, and watch it sprout and grow, and it will grow, because it is still LIVING

Now take the remaining 4 RAW carrots, and cook them.
#1 boiled
#2 Cooked in slow 250-degree oven
#3 Steamed
#4 Micro waved

Begin by cutting a small piece of each carrot and placing it in a shallow basin of water.
Will these cooked carrots grow?
Of course not! Why?
Because the heat of cooking kills the life force (Enzymes and MHz) within the carrots! When we cook our food, we destroy all enzymatic activity. The LIFE within that carrot has been destroyed, along with a high percentage of its other nutrients.

Kitchen Chemistry Lab 101- Dr. Jeckle or Mr. Hyde?
Your kitchen is nothing other than a chemical laboratory producing millions of completely new chemical substances that never existed in the wild and if, then very occasionally by accident. Cooking will randomly produce millions of different sugars and protein combinations commonly called Maillard molecules. Throughout history, human beings have never ingested the amount of Maillard molecules we ingest today.

The recent introduction of dairy products and grains has brought even more new chemical substances to your mouth. Your guess is as good as any science persons, as to what they are going to do to your insides.

What Does Cooking Food Do To Your Body?
Points regarding Cooking Food and your Health
1. Food is deranged and degraded and broken when cooked

2. Fiber broom and cleansing effect is broken and destroyed

3. 50% of the protein is coagulated and made unuseable

4. Free radicals for meat accumulate increasing heart problems

5. Water content is decreased and is made undesirable

6. Cancer Toxins are created by frying and grilling

7. Fat cooked produced carcinogenic and mutagenic substances

8. Many unstable toxic chemicals cause sinus congestion

9. Unusable waste products clog bowels increasing constipation

10. Enzymes, vitamins and minerals destroyed

11. Enzyme dead food is a burden to the pancreas - diabetes

12. Rush of white blood cells to digestion leaves body undefended

13. Bacteria from rotting meat dominates the intestines

14. A build up a mucoid black tar-like substance in the intestine

15. Storage of undigested carbs in the form of ugly bulgy fat

Homework ASSIGNMENT With the above illustration about LIVING food and Comatose food still vivid in your minds decide what you will have for dinner tonight comatose carrots cooked in boiling water or a raw alive carrot salad? The closer the food comes to the natural state in which it occurs, or the closer we come to its unrefined raw form, the higher its quality is. Raw, all the enzymes are found intact. The amino acids are in their finest form. The minerals, vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates and life force are present. The facts will confuse the so-called experts. Conflicting and often counterproductive information ends up pointing us to the wrong way usually in the direction of the Experts bottom line. YOU be the expert, YOU make your own decision on these easy elementary school tests.
BAM Don’t spend money of distilled water, it can’t support life.

Who Has Half The Calories? Raw or Cooked?

Cooked carrot has 70 calories -- raw carrot 48 calories
Cooked broccoli had 46 calories-- raw broccoli had 24 calories
Cooked spinach per cup has 42 calories -- raw spinach has 12 cal
One cup of Cooked cabbage has 32 calories while raw cabbage has 16 calories
Cooked peaches have 54 calories while raw peaches have 37 calories

I don’t know about you all but I like to eat. If I can cut calories without starving, count me in. This is your wake up call. Will your decision get you where you want to go in the future?

At a nutritional health seminar in Estes Park, six women took this challenge of eating raw food for one week and everyone noticed the difference by the third day. Pictures were taken at the beginning of the week and at the end of the course, every person had changed physically. The pictures were the proof of their feeling good. Food that is alive and nutrient dense will benefit your life, in less than a week.

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