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#6 A blood folks

One of the most important steps for effective weight management is to choose foods that were designed for your specific genetics and unique biochemistry. I have found that Nutritional Typing (NT) is a very effective strategy to achieve this. It will normalize your weight based on your personal metabolism and genetic makeup, among other factors.

A types are vegetarians, with a sensitive digestive tract, that benefits form
foods in their natural state, fresh, pure and organic.

When an A eats meat the feel sluggish and less energized. You will find that
meat has a toxic effect on your body. Type A folks have family history of cardiovascular problems. Red meat is a poor choice for you. Watch your
cholesterol and triglycerides. O blood types thrive on meat, but you don't.
YOU on the other hand, store meat as fat. Lucky you

Eat 10 servings vegetables and fruits a day especially pineapple
Avoid cabbage, lima beans, mushroom, olives, peppers, sweet potatoes, bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, yams, mangos and papaya.

especially white processed carbs they are lectins and make your knees hurt.
If you must try Ezechiel bread or spelt bread-- evaluate yourself for joint pain.

AVOID MILK EAT KIFER, Dairy foods are poorly digested and they provoke insulin reactions. Icecream, Whey, skin milk all cause lots of mucus. Try nut milks instead.

Many cheeses are good for you -- Feta, goat, mozzarella, ricotta, and sting.
Avoid blue cheese, cream cheese, buttermilk, Colby, cottage cheese
American, Parmesan, Monterey jack, m√ľnster, and cheddar cheese. These all will give you muscus and sinus problems.

Nuts are healthy for you except Cashews, Brazil nuts and pistachios.
Peanuts are good for you but make sure they are not old. Peanut are watched
very carefully by the USDA for toxins. Young new healhty peanut become toxin
when stored very long. Fresh is the only way to eat peanuts.

EAT COCONUT, flax and olive oil.
Avoid corn, cotton seed, peanut, safflower,conaola and sesame oil.
AVOID RED MEAT it is a lectin to you
Stay completely away form processed nitrate meat such as ham , hot dogs
and cold cut and bacon. Neutral meats are chicken, and turkey.

Kidney beans and Lima beans interfere with digestive enzymes and slows metabolic rate.

PINEAPPLE increase calorie utilization increases intestinal mobility
Eat a lot of pineapple fresh......

You can eat seafood in modest quantities but should avoid white fish
such as sole and flounder. Grouper, cod, rainbow, red snapper and perch
are ok. I believe that Salmon is the only one that doesn’t have toxic amounts of mercury in it these days.

Ear infections are common along with any respirator infections. You guys are just great mucus makers. Dairy products are usually the culprits. There is a protein missing in the ear fluids that sticks to the bacteria and bugs and removes them.
Without the protein the best way to deal with the infection is to cut the sugar from your diet. One teaspoon of sugar stops your immune system from functioning for four hours. Most of the ear pain is a backup of noxious fluid and gases in the middle ear. Amoxicillin will only work several times before you build up an immunity, so You must focus on prevention. I suggest Ningxia berries an extremely high antioxidant. Children under 6 should take bifidus instead of acidophilus as a probiotic.

Colds and flu are common for A folks – build your immune system. Remember that antibiotics are not effective against any virus - if you go to the Dr’s he will give you drugs but they are a waste of you money and in the long run will hinder your
immune system. The herb Echinacea, 500 mg in liquid form as well as Vit C and zinc as soon as you feel a cold coming on. Five drops of Grape Fruit Seed Extract are also a good way not to allow a cold to grow. Essential oils are a great way to build your immune -- contact me and I will tell how to buy them wholesale.

Wheat causes your body to become acidic so try to avoid it
Try and evaluate Amaranth, Buckwheat, or Kamut flours.
I have tried the above. Buckwheat oats instead of plain oats are ok
taste exactly the same. In cookies there is no difference. I have
a hard time finding buckwheat oats. but I have not cooked with it.

There are gluten free flour mixes at the store that contain the above flours.
When they are mixed up together – you get the best results try "GF" flour.
Avoid cream of wheat, granola, grape nuts, wheat germ , shredded
wheat or wheat bran.

Use plenty of garlic. Onions also boost immune system

A’s don’t do well with mangos or papaya, But pineapple is super.
Oranges may upset your tummy. Banana interferes with digestion used other
high Potassium fruit such as apricots, figs and melons.

1/2 of a lemon with 8 oz of water is recommended first thing in the morning
Molasses are high in iron and is great for you.

If you a juicing in the morning ginger is wonderful for you, it's an immune builder.
Coffee is actually good for Type A's, it increases stomach acid and helps build
some of the enzymes you need. Alternate green tea one morning and
coffee the next. Avoid beer, soda, seltzer water and black tea of any kind

Type A's get Montezuma’s revenge more commonly than all the rest
when they travel. Continuous Probiotics can help with this.
Metagenics is the name of the best product. You can get it on line,
The exact Probiotics is Ultra Flora Plus. The plus is a digestive
enzyme that helps metabolize food

Type 1 Diabetes are common in the A family. You guys lack
insulin and the shortage will cause your beta cells to overwork.

Again avoiding carbs is the answer and SMOOTHIES HELP YOU DO THAT.

Beet, pork, unclean seafood, most cheese, cottage cheese, Whey, cream cheese,
kidney, red, navy, and lima beans, corn oil, peanuts, cashew, cereals, breads, grains, pasta, cabbage, mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, yams, bananas, oranges, mangos, melons, oranges, rhubarb, tomatoes,vinegar, Worcestershire sauce

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